The Fools at the Bulwark Lose Their Minds Over Mike Rowe's Common Sense on Vaccines

The Fools at the Bulwark Lose Their Minds Over Mike Rowe's Common Sense on Vaccines
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Yesterday, I reported on Mike Rowe’s awesome Facebook post about why he was not going to be encouraging people to get vaccinated despite being vaccinated himself. Take a look at it first. If you haven’t read it already, it’s really worth it and helps to further understand the rest of this story.

Rowe made a powerful post that was not anti-vaccine, but recognized the legitimate concerns that people have about the flip-flops and dictates by the government and the “experts” on the subject. He talked about why people had hesitancy and what you could do as the government — rather than attacking the unvaccinated, as the Biden bunch and other Democrats have been doing.

This morning, the Bulwark tried to hook on to that post and get some hate clicks with a story falsely accusing Rowe of going “anti-anti-anti-vaxx.”

Now, we can start with the fact that the Bulwark is virtually always wrong, because that’s their nature. They’re trying to draft off Rowe’s powerful remarks to get some clicks because now, they have nothing without the pushing of their Trump hate. How dare someone with a platform like Rowe refuse to push the vaccine and admit he doesn’t know everything!

They acknowledge that, and then try to claim he is pushing medical advice by acknowledging that people have legitimate questions. Imagine the audacity of this post from these characters. We know people have questions, in large measure because of confusion from the “experts” and the government.

So, their answer to that — apparently — is that people with questions should be dismissed. And treated like pariahs. I’m sure that will be very convincing. You must submit without question, according to the Bulwark, and questions must be suppressed. Is that attitude more likely to convince people to get vaccinated or more likely to make people believe you are dictating to them? The Bulwark, of course, is on the wrong side of that question once again.

They also just flat-out lie that Rowe was “anti-anti-anti-vaxx.” Rowe is clear about the fact he was vaccinated and talks about how vaccines have saved lives. But instead of treating people who had questions and skepticism as the enemy, as Biden and The Bulwark do, he respects why some people have those legitimate questions. Something the Bulwark, which lives by stoking outrage, can’t seem to do. If Rowe is anti-vaccine, why is he saying he took it and touting vaccines for lives they have saved?

They attack Rowe’s criticism of “the same people who told us that masks were useless,” trying to argue away what Fauci said in March 2020. They’re apparently cool with the concept of a “scientist” lying to us for our “own good,” without even getting the concept that that’s not what science is supposed to be about and is straight-up politics.

The Bulwark also apparently missed Biden advisor Michael Osterholm saying that most of the cloth masks that people are wearing are not effective. They really are not good at the journalism thing. They apparently sold that when they sold their soul to be ‘all Trump hate, all the time.’

They attack Rowe’s statement that “those are the same people who told us they wouldn’t trust ANY vaccine developed under the last administration,” acting as though the only Democrat who questioned the vaccine under the Trump Administration was Kamala Harris. But they try to justify that as just questioning Trump. Talk about a disingenuous argument. Yes, she was attacking because of Trump, and that’s why it was wrong. She was doing it purely for political reasons. And she wasn’t the only one, as the following video proves.

Bottom line? The Bulwark will never have the reach, respect, and common sense that Mike Rowe has. They don’t even understand the concept of respecting others. So, they tried to draft off him — and ended up failing miserably.

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