Runaway Dems' New Lawsuit vs. Texas Gov. Abbott Claims Their 'Rights' Violated

Texas Democrats flee their state on a private flight to stop the passage of an election integrity bill.

One day after Texas Governor Greg Abbott said he will call a second, special legislative session, 22 of the runaway Texas Democrats have filed a lawsuit against him, House Speaker Dade Phelan, and State Rep. James White, claiming their rights have been violated.


How is he violating their rights? Well, that’s the hilarious thing.

From Daily Mail:

The plaintiffs claim they ‘have been deprived of liberty for substantial periods of time, [and] suffered much anxiety and distress over the separation from their families.

They also say they have suffered from ‘much discomfort and embarrassment’ because their reputations have been ‘impaired’. [….]

In the suit, the Democrats further allege that they ‘have lost much time from their homes and the companionship and care of their families and have been required to spend substantial sums of money’.

Um, guys? You’ve “suffered” all that because of your own drama llama actions to push a false narrative about the election security bill. If you’ve suffered anything, if your reputations have been impaired, it’s all your own fault. Abbott isn’t causing that separation, you guys are.

Moreover, they don’t look much like they’ve been suffering on their little vacation to D.C., with their smiling pictures with beer, meeting D.C. politicians and running around. Indeed, they’re the ones making others suffer with their superspreader ways, with people getting the virus after meeting with them. And how much suffering are the two who allegedly ran off to Portugal for vacation doing?


Meanwhile, as far as losing “substantial sums of money,” they’re still getting paid for being at a special session that they haven’t been attending. Plus some of them have been trying to raise money off this, claiming themselves as heroes. The Democrats have been begging for “care packages” for them, and Beto O’Rourke raised $600,000 for them. Again, not exactly suffering. But lots of whining. Definitely lots of whining.

From Texas Tribune:

The lawsuit alleges that some Democrats are being targeted because of their race and skin color, but then provides no evidence.

It also claims the three Republican lawmakers acted together under the “color of law” to cause the harm alleged in the suit, but then points no specific harmful actions other than “public statements.” The lawsuit also says some individual plaintiffs experienced “retaliatory attacks, threats and attempts at coercion relating to the exercise of their First Amendment rights” but again does not provide specifics.


Just like the original false claims about the election security bill to begin with — not a lot of facts behind it.

But there’s more.

The Democrats’ attorney, Craig Anthony Washington, is a former Democratic lawmaker, who is practicing law under a probationally suspended license, according to the State Bar of Texas. [….]

Plus, at least two of the 22 are now saying they didn’t ask to have the suit filed in their names.

It would be harder to get much more of an acid bath of fail.



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