Thoughts, Prayers, and Care Packages: Two of the Texas Democrats Leave D.C. to Vacation in Portugal

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The Texas Democrats seem to have given up on their credibility a while back. Everyone knows their little escape from their special session in Texas to thwart a voting integrity bill wasn’t about standing against voter suppression or standing up for Black and brown people. It was so they could shirk their duties, rub shoulders with VP Kamala Harris (and expose her to COVID), and try and help the narrative that the country needs federal voting reform.


Yeah, that shipped sailed, as my intrepid colleagues have documented here, here, here, and here.

But this did not stop two of them—who are supposed to be in quarantine due to their positive COVID diagnosis—from taking an international excursion with their spouses.

TX Rep. Dan Crenshaw brings the snark:

From the Texas Tribune:

Because… sacrifice! Yeah.

This bunch is such a joke, they give the word new meaning. But hey, I guess if you’re going to sit around and do nothing, you might as well get a great tan in the process!

Both González and Johnson, along with their staff have been mum, neither denying nor acknowledging that their bosses have their toes in the sand.


A “prominent player”? I suspect her currency might just drop a bit after this stunt; blood in the water and all.

Dereliction of duty doesn’t begin to describe what these supposed lawmakers keep doing. Fighting for voting rights was never the focus, it was simply a convenient narrative. And the narrative is not going to get in the way of a vacation they had planned a year and a half ago! Can’t lose money on those non-refundable tickets; who cares if the taxpayer has lost money on not only their absconding to D.C., but the daily per diems they receive as legislators.

Their Republican colleagues are none too pleased, of course, and rightly condemning of this action:


Yet, the disconnect continues as Johnson’s and González’s cohorts, who are still in D.C., continue to try and milk their free press.

Just amazing. Texans should be lining up to run against all of them in the next election; after these stunts, they deserve to lose, and lose spectacularly.


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