Psaki Asked About Biden's Inappropriate Actions and Shows They Were Just Paying Lip Service on Cuomo

So did Joe Biden really mean it when he called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign after the New York Attorney General came issued a report finding that Cuomo had harassed 11 women? Or was it all just lip service?


Given White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s responses today during her briefing, it didn’t seem like Biden was at all serious about it and that it was mostly lip service.

Psaki admitted that Biden had no plans to personally call Cuomo, who is a good friend, and pressure him to resign

Psaki was also asked if Joe Biden supported the call to remove Cuomo from office by impeachment, but she evaded the question, saying only that Biden believed Cuomo should resign. Biden himself said “Let’s take one thing at a time here,” Biden said. “I think he should resign.”

Translation: when Cuomo refuses to resign, as he has right along with all the scandals, Biden will just say, “Oh, well, I called on him to resign.” Empty gesture.

Psaki was asked if the White House would remove Cuomo from his leadership of the administration’s COVID-19 response calls with the governors. Psaki made it clear that they would not.


“I’m not sure when the next one is scheduled but again I would convey that our objective is not to hurt the people of New York in the fight against COVID,” Psaki said. “If he is no longer the governor of New York, which is certainly what the president made clear is his preference then we will engage with other people. But we are not going to take steps to hurt the people of New York in the fight against COVID.”

So the one thing over which they could have control — the administration’s calls with the governors — they wouldn’t even say or suggest a substitute governor to lead the calls. That’s how serious they are about Cuomo resigning. In other words, they really don’t give a darn.

Why doesn’t Biden really want to press too much? Because every time this issue comes up, Biden is going to get this question.


Because then he might have to answer up for the accusations against him — the inappropriate touching alleged by several women and the sexual assault allegation by Tara Reade. Any pressure he places on anyone else could come back to bite him in his past. No, nothing was “heavily litigated.” Biden got a pass from media on all his scandals, including this type because he had the magic “D” next to his name.


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