Lauren Boebert's Opponent Keeps Digging With Response to Backlash Over COVID Tweet

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Ny colleague Streiff reported on claims from a Democratic opponent of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) in the Third District in Colorado.

But as Streiff noted, there are a lot of issues with the claims.

First, she’s not a medical doctor; she’s a veterinarian. She’s a part-time physical therapist, according to her Linked In profile at a hospital in Wyoming, not Colorado. Colorado doesn’t have full ICUs, and the hospital she allegedly does work at as a physical therapist — according to that profile, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center in Wyoming — also wasn’t full, as of the latest numbers they have for a couple of weeks ago. Twitchy also notes it’s not at capacity.

Here’s another tracker that tells how many Wuhan patients were in that hospital, as of yesterday, and it says there are 21. Hardly full, and it’s been going down over the past two weeks.

Moreover, obviously anything having to do with a hospital in Wyoming has nothing to do with Boebert or the Third District.

Burnett responded last night, after there was a lot of backlash calling her out on her tweets about Boebert.

This tweet matches the information that she claims in her LinkedIn: that she’s worked at the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center since 2011. So again, Wyoming, nothing to do with Boebert. Moreover, if she’s worked there since 2011, she ought to tell them to get her picture or information in the system, because she doesn’t appear to be among the physical therapists they have listed.

She also changed her profile — which had touted her as a “COVID frontline worker” — to “hospital physical therapist.”

Maybe Burnett is the last one who should be talking about anyone else and “lies and misinformation.”

Needless to say, her response, which didn’t explain or provide evidence to support her assertions, didn’t quell the backlash.