Biden Moves on to Insulting Americans if They're Not Vaccinated

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If you wanted to try to give people vaccine hesitancy, what would you do that Joe Biden already hasn’t done? I’m not sure you’d act much differently than he has.


The latest move today — the CDC issuing guidance that the fully vaccinated should go back to wearing masks in most of the country where the Delta variant might be surging — will leave some who already are questioning the vaccine, to doubt and question it even more. Plus, as we reported, the White House’s explanation for why we should do so amounted to basically: Do it because we told you to do so. Not very confidence-building.

This follows sending people acting in concert with the government to try to push getting vaccines door to door.  Again, if a person’s hesitancy is based upon distrust of the government, sending agents of the government to your home isn’t the best idea.

So what has Joe Biden moved onto now? How about insulting those who aren’t vaccinated?


The reporter asked, “Will you require all federal employees to get vaccinated?” Biden responded, “That’s under consideration right now, but if you’re not vaccinated you’re not nearly as smart as I thought you were.” He also added, “We have a pandemic because of the unvaccinated, and they’re sowing enormous confusion.”

Oh, that will surely convince people to get vaccinated if you call them stupid. Who thought up that dumb idea? Or is it Grandpa Disaster temporizing again? It’s not the unvaccinated who have been sowing confusion here. So forget that people’s health choices are their own and not something to be imposed by the government. Forget that many have natural immunity because they already were exposed to it. If you’re unvaccinated, you’re just dumb. Of course, Joe’s perception of intelligence is a little warped if he calls his son Hunter, the “smartest man I know.” Not to mention that maybe Joe doesn’t want to be the guy talking about the intelligence of other people since the perception of him for years in D.C. has been that he’s just not a bright guy. But just remember, he’s the “unifier,” not like that guy with the mean tweets.


Biden can’t even convince everyone serving in the White House to get vaccinated. It’s been reported that it isn’t mandatory there and that there are folks who are unvaccinated, but Jen Psaki hasn’t been transparent on that or how many people have come down with the “breakthrough cases” of the virus despite being fully vaccinated. Right now, the only federal agency that is mandating vaccinations is the Veterans Administration.

I can’t wait to hear Jen Psaki try to justify Joe insulting Americans tomorrow. You know it’s coming.


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