It Goes All Kinds of Wrong When Peter Doocy Challenges Jen Psaki to Justify New Mask Guidance

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As we reported earlier today, the CDC finally appears to have been cowed into changing its prior guidance on masking.

In May, they had announced that if you were vaccinated, you no longer had to wear masks indoors or outdoors, or socially distance.


Now, they’re saying that fully vaccinated individuals should still wear masks indoors in areas with “substantial” and “high” transmission of the Wuhan coronavirus which includes nearly two-thirds of US counties, claiming concern about the spread of the Delta variant, So basically, they’re saying almost everyone should still be wearing masks, vaccinated or unvaccinated. Which isn’t helping the argument to get vaccinated.

So Fox’s Peter Doocy asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki if she could explain why people who are fully vaccinated should go back to wearing masks if vaccines worked? What was the rationale? So that’s a really straightforward question. It’s not a gotcha. It’s something that if the Biden administration is telling us to do this now (after months of saying something different), one might think they’d understand why they’re telling us to do it. Not so much.

“Because the public health leaders in our administration have made the determination based on data, that, that is a way to make sure they’re protected, their loved ones are protected, um, and that’s an extra step given the transmissibility of the virus.”


Because they say so? Because we’re telling you so? That’s an answer? That answer can be used to justify anything by an authoritarian government. That’s not an answer. She never answers the question that is asked. Who cares if it doesn’t make sense?

So if there’s such a danger from the Delta variant, why did you change the guidance, to begin with, if this was a possibility?

From Fox News:

Psaki defended the comments, saying that “we’re all dealing with an evolving virus where there’s no playbook and no historic precedent.”

“What the American people should feel confident in is that we are going to continue to be guided by science, look at public health data in order to provide new guidance if it’s needed to save lives, protect the American people,” Psaki said.

“When [the president] made those comments back in May, we were dealing with a very different strain of the virus than we are today,” Psaki continued. “And delta is more transmissible. It is spreading much more quickly.”

What did Joe Biden do to stop the Delta variant? You know liberal media would be asking those questions if it were President Donald Trump. The one argument they had was that they were delivering on vaccinations (of course because of President Donald Trump). That was one of the few things in their poll numbers that was in the positive. On July 4, Biden was taking a victory lap despite not meeting his vaccination goals. But now, as with everything else the Biden team touches, they have a huge confusing mess that’s going to antagonize and anger people for different reasons on both sides of the aisle.



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