Players and Staff Make It Clear Not All Are Happy With New NFL COVID Dictates


As we previously reported, the NFL is going all-in to force players to get vaccinated.

They intend to not only make it very costly for any player who refuses, but to make it costly for his team so that the team will pressure people themselves.


The NFL announced that if any game in the season had to be canceled because of an unvaccinated player getting the Wuhan coronavirus, there could be massive consequences.

The team responsible could be responsible for financial losses, the players might not get paid and the unvaccinated might be subject to discipline.

But I wanted to note the reaction in response. Not everyone is going along with this quietly. Some didn’t want to get it, others objected to people being forced to get it. Some criticized the union for not standing up for the players.


“Never thought I would say this, but being put in a position to hurt my team because I don’t want to partake in the vaccine is making me question my future in the NFL,” Arizona Cardinals star player DeAndre Hopkins said in a tweet he later deleted. He also tweeted, “Freedom?”


Seahawks’ D.J.Reed:

Buffalo Bills player Cole Beasley said he wouldn’t be getting it and confirmed that.

He also got into a polite vaccine discussion with his teammate, vaccine proponent, Jerry Hughes.

Tampa Bay Bucs player Leonard Fournette seemed to indicate he wasn’t for it either.


New England Patriots’ Matt Judon said that the players’ association “f***ing sucks.”

It appears at least two coaches are out as well because of this.

Rick Dennison is out as Vikings offensive line coach/run game coordinator after refusing the COVID-19 vaccine and Patriots co-offensive line coach Cole Popovich is also out in what was described as a “decision related to the COVID-19 vaccine and NFL guidelines.” They’re probably not the last folks who may be out over this.

The Players Association didn’t seem to have any pushback here and that’s a bad thing that they didn’t fight for the players if for no other reason than to have something so potentially restrictive dropped on them. But it would appear that they’re cowed by the subject. So much for the worth of unions.


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