WATCH: Hundreds of Floridians Chant, 'Where Is Biden?'

I reported last night on how Florida Governor Ron DeSantis met with Cuban-American leaders to support the call for freedom in Cuba.

DeSantis said he would be exploring ways to turn the internet back on to help the people communicate. The government has shut it down to try to silence the voice of the people and shut down the fight against the government.


But while DeSantis is leading on Florida, there’s a big voice that’s missing in support for the fight for freedom – Joe Biden.

Hundreds of Floridians took to the streets around South Florida including in Naples and Tampa in support of their brethren and family members in Cuba, chanting “Where is Biden?”

Where is Joe Biden? Sometimes I’m not even sure he knows. He’s AWOL for American interests in general. But he seems pretty present when waiving sanctions and serving our enemies.

While some want a physical intervention after 62 years, that’s not a place that American officials on either side of the aisle are likely to go.


But there are other things you can do to support the people without going there. Like turning on the internet, if you are able to do so, so the people can communicate, as DeSantis is trying to do. Like showing more support than Biden has done so far in what he has said. He made a statement saying he stood with the Cuban people. But in so doing, he didn’t even call out the Communist government by name. It’s not clear he has anything at all in the offering in terms of help coming. He could have his people stop ridiculously blaming the pandemic already and clearly put the blame where it belongs.

We can listen to the people who have knowledge as to what would be most helpful. Don’t reveal that you’re not doing that by talking about the pandemic, as Joe did. Boost the broadcast power of Radio Marti, which we broadcast to Cuba. Let the people in Cuba know they have support and that they are being heard. We could also warn them that we could boot or restrict their diplomats.

Most importantly, do not lift the embargo or any of the sanctions presently on Cuba, as media and some Democrats are urging. Biden has said in the past when he was running for election that he would reconsider sanctions imposed by President Donald Trump. Naturally, it’s Biden. So that’s the exact wrong thing to do. Assuming you really want to help the people. If you want to help the Communist government, it’s exactly what you would do.


But it sounds like Joe is content to go among the missing and lose Florida again. The failure to respond by Joe Biden is going to cost all the Democrats in the state big time and they deserve it.


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