Biden Waives Sanctions on Iran Just as Iranian Plot Against US Journalist Is Announced

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

I have a basic question for Joe Biden. Why are you always siding with our enemies or those who wish us ill?

Now, maybe that’s a legacy Biden inherited from “flexible” Barack Obama. You may recall this interesting little moment with Barack Obama and the leader of Russia at the time, stand-in for Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev.

We heard about Russia collusion incessantly from Democratic media, but not this.

Joe Biden attacks America’s oil and gas production while greenlighting and waiving sanctions on the Russian-controlled Nord Stream pipeline. This not only empowers Russia’s energy production and gives them a stronger foothold in Europe — Biden’s doing that while reducing our own energy independence.

Now Biden has made another move that’s concerning. Obama bent over backward for Iran, Russia’s surrogate in the region, and Joe Biden looks to be doing the same thing.

The Biden team has just announced they have waived sanctions on Iran to enable them to access funds from South Korea and Japan. Not only that, they did it on the same day that the Department of Justice informed us about a plot to kidnap an Iranian-American journalist, Masih Alinejad, by an Iranian spy network. Charges being brought including kidnapping conspiracy and sanctions-violating conspiracy.

So just when the Iranians are being charged with “sanctions-violating conspiracy” by Biden’s own DOJ, he waives more sanctions.

From Free Beacon:

The waiver, signed by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, allows the “transfer of Iranian funds in restricted accounts to exporters in Japan and the Republic of Korea,” according to a notification sent to Congress by the State Department. The waiver allows Iranian money that had been frozen as a result of American sanctions to be freed up without violating the law. “Allowing these funds to be used to repay exporters in these jurisdictions will make those entities whole with respect to the goods and services they exported to Iran, address a recurring irritant in important bilateral relationships, and decrease Iran’s foreign reserves,” the waiver states.

Officials who have had to deal with Iran’s nonsense for years blasted the decision as bailing out the mullahs.

Richard Goldberg, the former director for countering Iranian weapons of mass destruction on Trump’s White House National Security Council, said this will help the mullahs and free up their cash.

“There’s a reason we talk about accessible foreign exchange reserves versus inaccessible foreign exchange reserves. If you free up money that’s trapped in foreign accounts for Iran to pay off debts, you are bailing out the regime and rescuing the mullahs from a balance of payments crisis,” said Goldberg, a senior adviser at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “This is a bailout, plain and simple. And to announce it right as DOJ tells us Iran tried to kidnap an American journalist out of New York City—that’s a national outrage.”

Sen. Bill Haggerty (R-TN) also blasted Biden for the move.

“President Biden today is giving the Iranian regime—the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism—an economic bailout by freeing up billions of dollars that U.S. sanctions had frozen in foreign banks,” said Hagerty. “I personally spent months working with the then-Japanese Prime Minster and his cabinet to put in place these crippling and biting sanctions, which had real and tangible results, only today to see them begin to be blown apart with the stroke of a pen in exchange for nothing. President Biden is doubling down on his Iran appeasement policy just as it was revealed that Iranian officials were plotting to abduct an American citizen in New York City, and as the regime is continuing to use missiles and proxy militants to attack Americans in Iraq and Syria.”

Why would you do anything to make it easier on the mullahs? The Iranian people have been pushing against the regime, trying to topple it for years. But Obama helped the mullahs hold onto power with a cash infusion. Now it looks like Biden is following along the same path. There’s absolutely no reason to do this. Especially not because of their sponsorship of terrorism, their refusal to comply with the IAEA inspections, and now, the plot to kidnap an American. Biden, just like Obama before him, didn’t even get anything in return for this bending over and kissing the feet of the mullahs. So why is this being done when it only helps our enemies?