CNN Flips out That Fox Doesn't Carry Biden's Lying Rant and They're Right

We often report on how Joe Biden’s brain is breaking. Surely, it seems to break often.

But yesterday we reported on just his outright lying. Now he lies often, too. But the scope of his lying yesterday and the nature of how dangerous it was was just incredible.


The Republicans have passed election security laws in multiple states and have more in the hopper. None of those laws/bills stop anyone from voting. Not one of them has anything that is racist in them. No provision has anything at all to do with race. But Joe Biden lied his head off about those laws to whip up the base to divide America. This is the “unifier.”

It’s most definitely hyperbole and it’s most definitely a lie. Listen as he’s calling election security laws — and implicitly Republicans  — a “domestic threat.” Because they want voter ID, like most Americans of all political stripes. Because they want things like signature verification. That’s what he’s terming such a ‘threat’ which he’s even terming worse than the Confederates. It’s not an assault on the right to vote, it’s an assault on efforts to cheat and that’s really what the Democrats and Joe Biden have an issue with here. When you start calling the opposition a “domestic threat,” it sounds like you’re preparing to send the police arm of the state after them. That’s insane.


But CNN’s Alisyn Camerota was upset that Fox News didn’t carry Biden’s speech.

“The people will not hear — a large chunk of the country will not hear President Biden’s message that democracy is basically, in some states, being threatened or stolen before our very eyes,” she claimed.

She’s right that they should have carried the speech. But not for the reasons she argues. Because we should see the speeches of the person leading the country — good, bad, or indifferent. Because there’s a greater point there, no matter who we support. We should know what he’s saying to see how bad it is. So everyone could see how insane the positions of Joe Biden and the Democrats are, just how untethered from reality and how craven they are in their own desires for power. But maybe Fox didn’t run it because they deemed it propaganda and are adopting the Big Tech/media approach to “propaganda.” CNN of course claimed that when they didn’t want to run speeches from President Donald Trump. Is CNN now chastising Fox for acting like them? Where is CNN’s coverage of all Joe Biden’s lies and brain-breaking moments? Somehow that seems to have gotten lost in their coverage?


Camerota is doubling down on Biden’s lie and spreading it on her network. Once again, they remove whatever mask of “journalism” they have and serve just as outright Democratic propagandists. There is no voter suppression. There is, however, a lot of truth suppression going on here from Biden, the Democrats, and Democratic media like CNN.

But Biden did manage to state one very important bit of truth in amongst the lies, hence one of the reasons for the election security laws.


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