Joe Biden Quotes Nazis, Lies Relentlessly, and Generally Goes Nuts During ‘Voter Suppression’ Speech

I’ve heard a lot of Joe Biden speeches over the years and certainly gotten more than my fill the last six months. Yet, Biden delivered a speech today on “voter suppression” that is probably his most dishonest, most vitriolic rant to date, and that’s saying something.


Unlike many of his past speeches, the story wasn’t Biden’s brain breaking down as he attempted to read the teleprompter. Sure, there were moments where he looked as if he were going to pass out, but it was the substance that was far more disturbing.

The basis of Biden’s speech was the idea that Republicans are trying to stop minorities from voting by having normal standards for the election systems in their respective states. Texas is currently in the crosshairs by daring to attempt to outlaw ballot harvesting and no-request absentee ballots. If you’ve been reading RedState the last day, then you know about Texas Democrats fleeing the state in a ridiculous gambit to deny the Republican majority a quorum to vote.

Anyway, let’s get into it, and be warned, these clips may make you want to gouge your eyes out.

Of note here is that Biden is channeling Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels by using the phrase “big lie” to disparage Republicans who have concerns about the 2020 election. Yet, despite the phrase’s murderous, anti-Semitic past, the president seems to have no problem saying it repeatedly. In doing so, he echoed CNN’s Jake Tapper and others who have also been fond of the phrase.

But the lies today were not from Republicans. Rather, they were from Biden, including these ludicrous assertions.


There’s no evidence of any of that whatsoever. To the extent that there are guardrails being put in place in some states to prevent voter fraud (but mostly just returning to the pre-2020 status quo), those guardrails apply to everyone equally. Nothing about the laws somehow targets black people more than others. Democrats are only saying that because they have no substantive arguments against these various election integrity bills.

When Biden mentions “receiving ballots,” what he’s complaining about is Texas not allowing third-party groups to blast out absentee ballots to those that didn’t even request them. There is no logical reason that needs to be done, and doing so is a ripe breeding ground for ballot harvesting as we’ve seen in California.


The lies continued apace.

Jim Crow laws literally stopped only a certain race of people from voting, not indirectly, but directly. There is zero comparison between requiring voter ID of all voters, for example, and Jim Crow laws. That Biden continues to make that comparison is just as bad and disgusting as when someone makes a bad Holocaust comparison. Yet, the media only freak out about the latter. We all know why, but it doesn’t make it any less jarring. When Biden says this garbage, it’s a slap in the face to people who faced actual oppression. Outlawing drive-through voting, something that didn’t even exist until recently in Texas, and only in a few Democrat-led counties, is not Jim Crow.

Biden wasn’t done, though. Eventually, he just went full-blown nuts.

I don’t know who wrote this speech (we can be assured it wasn’t Biden), but whoever it was needed to lay off the internet message boards before opening up Microsoft Word. Where are Republicans throwing out Democrat ballots? How do Democrats always lose in non-Democrat areas when they made huge gains in 2018? On what planet is the GOP like the Kremlin? But hey, extra points for injecting Russia, Russia, Russia into this.


In short, this speech was absolutely insane. It was full of lies and offensive commentary. It’s also dangerous in how divisive it was. By Biden’s telling, Republicans aren’t just wrong, they are evil and must be dealt with. Remember when were assured this decrepit old man was a unifier? Do you feel unified?

If we had a media complex and “fact-checking” industry worth anything, they’d be going nuts right now with all this new material to tear apart. Instead, Biden will be praised because that’s how things always go. I’m not sure anyone outside the beltway is buying it, though.


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