WaPo Finally Drops Psaki and the Biden Team for Big Lie About Defunding the Police

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki falsely started making the claim on June 23 that Republicans wanted to defund the police because they voted against a Democratic spending bill.

Psaki made it more definitive and more shameless on June 28.

Another White House official, Mike Gwin, doubled down on the lie as well.

Even though Psaki pushed this lie, she wasn’t able to produce the name of even one Republican member of Congress who said they weren’t supporting the Democrat’s bill because they wanted to defund the police, completely blowing up her lie.

It’s taken awhile, but even the WaPo isn’t able to avoid it — WaPo fact-checker Glenn Kessler is finally calling it false, albeit many days later.

Kessler notes the obvious — that not voting for a Democratic bill doesn’t equal defunding. Nothing in such an action would equal a defunding. There’s also the small problem that there was no line item related to the police in the bill. While aspects of the bill provided for local and state funding, it was up to the state what to use that on. There was no police provision even in the bill.

So it was just a straight-up lie from Psaki and the rest.

However, in so calling them out, Kessler does soft-pedal it — giving three Pinocchios instead of the four for the whopper of a lie that it obviously is. He also calls it a “slipshod claim” in the headline as though it’s just a bookkeeping error, not the deliberate falsehood that it is. They told the lie to deflect away from the result of the Democratic defunding across the country — the rising crime rate — because they didn’t want the blame for that.

Kessler also claimed that Biden “firmly rejected” defunding the police. That’s not true, as this video demonstrates, he did make defunding comments.

Yes, at various points (especially after it became polling popular), he did make pro-funding police statements. But that didn’t mean that he didn’t make the above statement, too.

Kessler gave Republican lawmakers four Pinocchios last week for saying Biden wanted to defund the police, a bigger number than the Biden three Pinocchios.

Bottom line? It’s been Democrats all the past year who have moved to defund and attack the police. It’s Democrats who should get all the anger of the public for all the bad results including the rise in crime. Democrats can’t argue that away or deflect the blame elsewhere. They own all of it.