WH Official Doubles Down on GOP Defund Police Lie But It Blows up in Their Faces

The Democrats and Joe Biden have told some whoppers in their time.

But the whopper they were putting out today, the new “talking point” — that somehow it was the Republicans who were behind “defunding the police” — really takes some kind of nerve to push.


One of Biden’s closest advisers, Cedric Richmond, started it, but then Jen Psaki, speaking on behalf of Biden, supported what Richmond said and tried deceiving the American public with the new line, as well.

It’s offensive, frankly. It assumes that everyone was asleep or brain dead for the past year while across the country, Democrats pushed to defund the police and did pull money and cut police in multiple Democratic-controlled cities. Psaki talks about the pandemic causing cuts. But while it’s possible that there may have been some places that had cuts because of the pandemic, it was the Democrats who were behind the movement across the country to cut the police.

But the White House didn’t leave it there with Psaki. White House Rapid Response Director Mike Gwin went all in on it, too, doubling down on Psaki’s words.


Republicans are not “defunding the police” by not approving bloated Democratic bills. It’s not even logical. Plus can they point where in their bill things were actually specified to fund police?

They’re just trying to recast it as that now.

Their internal polling must be showing how badly “defund the police” is playing. What this really shows is that Democrats are realizing how much their embrace of the “defund the police” movement has hurt them and will hurt them in the upcoming 2022 elections. And they’re running just as fast as they can from the fall-out, but they really can’t avoid it because any sentient being knows they were behind it.

Joe Biden and the Democrats fully embraced BLM which had defunding the police as their cornerstone. Democrats in Portland, Seattle, New York, Minneapolis, and other cities all cut police funding or cut police services in deference to the progressives and the BLM push. And there was a cost.


This is what people are seeing. These aren’t Republican cities and the public knows what’s going on.

But if people didn’t know it already, they got another golden example of it today when the city of Oakland, CA voted to cut millions out the police budget today. Spoiler? Oakland is one of the most far-left cities on the planet, so no, it’s not Republicans. Thinking that lie just blew up in their faces with this one.


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