HOT TAKES: FBI Sets Tongues Wagging With What They Allegedly Seized From Capitol Rioter

AP Photo/John Minchillo

We’ve seen the FBI go to all kinds of lengths to go after people associated with the Capitol riot, while not seeing the same amount of attention paid to the countless organized criminal actions over the past year by BLM/Antifa against various governmental entities, including the federal government. The difference in attention and action against the alleged participants is stark.


The FBI has hunted down participants and conducted searches across the country. They even have a “most wanted” website dedicated to hunting down people who were allegedly involved.

But now the Smoking Gun has another story showing just how deeply the FBI is willing to delve into the riot. According to The Smoking Gun, the FBI has seized a “fully constructed U.S. Capitol Lego set” from the home of a “riot leader,” Robert Morss, 27.

Well, they sure have him now, they seized a toy from his home. The Smoking Gun and the Daily Beast are going full Babylon Bee now.

That prompted a lot of reactions with some on the left suggesting the toy was somehow a blueprint and therefore the riot was not spontaneous. Pro tip, guys? It’s a toy. Toys don’t give you a real sense of anything and they definitely don’t tell you where the security is. But if we wanted to accept that as evidence of lack of spontaneity or showing it was preplanned, then that’s another thing that sort of blows up the claim the riot was incited from President Trump’s speech on that day.


Bottom line? Law enforcement knows what the guy did or didn’t do from evidence of the day they already have, from video and photographic evidence. They don’t need to hunt down people’s toys.

Some couldn’t believe they were going to the length of seizing a Lego set.

Ssh, no logic there, sir, they’re on a roll.


Will they be pushing to outlaw Legos now? Or require universal background checks?


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