Trump Jr Rips Apart the NY Prosecutors for 'Political Persecution'

AP Photo/John Raoux

One of the troubling things that we’ve seen over the past five years has been the uneven application of the law.

The whole foundation of our country is based upon the rule of law. But we seem to see more cases now where, if you have the magical “D” after your name, there is little consequence for your actions. But if they don’t like you politically, watch out.

The supreme example of that is Donald Trump. We’ve seen for the past five years numerous investigations in search of a crime. That isn’t supposed to be the way this works. It isn’t supposed to be about going on a fishing expedition against your political opponents. That’s the stuff of banana republics, not the greatest nation on the face of the Earth, one that has been a light of freedom to the rest of the world. People fled banana republics and oppressive governments to come here, because we weren’t that. When we become that, we are in big trouble.

We saw that through the Mueller investigation and the two impeachment efforts. It wasn’t about facts or wrong, but about finding anything to get Trump — and they still came up empty.

In the case of the prosecutors in New York going after Donald Trump and the Trump Organization, it’s been political from the start. The NY Attorney General even ran explicitly on a promise to go after Trump, again improperly not going after a particular crime, but going after the man.

The NY Post blasted the charges against the Trump CFO and the political way in which the NY prosecutors carried it out.

From NY Post:

The 15-count indictment throws a kitchen sink of charges, including grand larceny, conspiracy, scheme to defraud,and tax fraud. But the whole thing comes down to paying perks to Weisselberg — such as his parking garage fees, tuition for family members and reimbursement of holiday gratuities — and not reporting them as taxable income, or reporting that the wrong Trump entity paid them.

For this they slapped Weisselberg in handcuffs Thursday and paraded him in front of the media — a stage-managed political show trial.

The point, of course, is not only to make Trump look bad for something which is never prosecuted like this, but also to put pressure on a 75-year-old man to pressure him to get something, anything on Trump. This is even after having Trump’s records, investigating for five years and only coming up with this so far. This poor guy is a pawn who will be made to suffer in their effort.

Attorney General Robert Jackson, later a Supreme Court justice and Nuremberg prosecutor, warned against “picking the man and then searching the law books, or putting investigators to work, to pin some offense on him,” in which case “the real crime becomes that of being unpopular with the predominant or governing group, being attached to the wrong political views, or being personally obnoxious to or in the way of the prosecutor himself.”

But that’s what’s been going on. Whether you like or you hate Trump, you should condemn it. Not just because it’s wrong on its face and against our Constitutional order, but also because if it can happen to Trump even when he was the President of the United States, it can happen to anyone if you land on the wrong side of the powers that be. That’s exactly what happens in banana republics.

Donald Trump, Jr. breaks it down.

Meanwhile, let’s just ignore all that information about how Joe Biden may have sold his office to help Hunter’s business endeavors, even having them to the White House, the VP’s office, and on Air Force Two, because who cares about that?