Biden Gives Away the Game and Messes up in Relation to Putin Yet Again at Presser

Denis Balibouse/Pool Photo via AP

This European trip has been a disaster for Joe Biden.

It is likely to have grievously damaged us around the world in terms of the assessment of our strength, given what we have shown them with Joe Biden.


Just today, we saw him nod yes when asked if he trusted Vladimir Putin, smile and laugh while U.S. media was being pushed around and even him full-on losing it with a CNN reporter.

Those are all bad. He’s no longer able to control himself even around the press, even losing it on folks like CNN.

But how bad is it? It’s not just the off-the-cuff-in-the-moment insanity. The actual considered insanity is maybe in some ways even worse. Listen to what Biden says about what he said to Putin during their meeting.

Which handlers/policymakers thought that this was a good thing for Biden to do? Biden claims he gave Putin a list of 16 things that were infrastructure things and to be off-limits from attack. The ‘in the moment’ gaffe is he doesn’t seem to quite recall how many things he told Putin.

Is he joking? Unless the 16 contains everything (and it doesn’t), what is he saying? If you don’t hit these things but attack America in other ways, it’s all cool? Other things are fair game?

Here’s a list of things that are important to us, but yeah, don’t hit them? How does he think Putin is going to view that? Putin’s going to view it as a target list. Indeed, it’s likely he already has, given the cyberattacks on the Colonial Pipeline and the meat supply through the cyberattack on JBS. You think that he’s going to be scared off by your note cards?


What a completely warped thing to say.

If you don’t bring real pressure to bear against Putin, if you just think empty verbal posturing is going to do it, you’re going to keep getting battered around.

During the presser, he also once again gave away the game of how controlled it all is to help him.

Here he is, saying the quiet part out loud. “As usual folks, they gave me a list of people to call on,” Biden says. Who’s “they”? Who are the handlers behind this disaster? Who’s telling him what to do? Notice how when the reporter is asking the question, Biden looks down at his notes to check what his answer will be. Does he have the answers there, what is he looking at?


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