The Biden European Chaos Continues: Biden's Brain Breaks in the Middle of Press Conference

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden was supposed to have a press conference after NATO meetings today in Belgium at 9:00 p.m.

But he was at least three hours late with 100 members of the press waiting that whole time, with no real explanation being given to the press.


So when Biden finally showed up, it might have been better had he not done so, because they were primed and ready.

One of them asked him about Vladimir Putin and asked Biden if he thought Putin was a killer, a term that Biden has used for Putin in the past. That seemed to be too much for Biden, who just started weirdly laughing.

Then his brain seemed to break. “Well, look, I mean he has made clear,” Biden said. Then he seemed unable to finish his sentence and had a long pause as he appeared to be searching for words. He tried again: “The answer is, I believe, he’s in the past essentially acknowledged that he was, there are certain things that he would do or did do. But look, when I was asked that question on air, I answered it honestly. But, I, I, I don’t think it matters a whole lot in terms of this next meeting we’re about to have.”

Then he tried to remember the second question he was asked and didn’t seem to be able to remember it, so he had to ask.

We keep pointing out these issues but it’s not just to say how broken Biden is, but to say how dangerous and problematic this is for all of us. This is the guy we have out there as a leader now. This is the person being sent out to meet with world leaders and he isn’t able to form a coherent sentence in response to his opinion about Vladimir Putin. He previously called him a “killer” but now isn’t even willing to say that.


We pointed out these issues before and over the past few days at the G7, where he got confused and had to be shushed and corrected by Boris Johnson, where he gave a disaster of a press conference and gave another troubling answer about Putin, and then when he mixed up Syria with Libya three times. His handlers know it and are shooing reporters away from asking him any questions.

What does that look like to other world leaders? What does that look like to Putin? It surely looks like confusion and backing off. It surely looks like we have a completely befuddled president that they can run over and take advantage of and that’s a national security threat to us all. This is endangering the safety of the nation.


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