CNN's Crazy Take on Why the Right Has Issues With Fauci and Critical Race Theory

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Ah, CNN — sometimes, they are quite funny because they live in a land of alternate reality. They’re not concerned about facts, you know, the things they’re supposed to be looking into as their alleged job. Their only “reality” is figuring out how they can attack Fox and people on the right.

Listen as they completely lose all sense of reality in this clip.

They’re talking about the extreme nature of the criticism of Fauci. Have they seen their own criticism of President Donald Trump? How fair do they think that was? And they’re not just random people saying something on the internet, they’re supposed to be “journalists.” It’s remarkable how, if they just looked in the mirror, these remarks are really an indictment of themselves. But they never do that self-examination.

Then Stelter claims that the reason that folks on the right are criticizing Fauci or Critical Race Theory is because “when Biden attacks don’t stick, the Fox world finds new targets.” They even emphasize his assertion by making it the chyron at the bottom of the screen. When attacks against Biden don’t stick? Have they seen the videos from the G7?

Of course, the problem is they don’t report on the problems so in their mind, the “attacks don’t stick” because if they don’t report the issues, they don’t exist, right? Meanwhile, Joe Biden can’t even make it through a presser without saying crazy things, he confused Syria and Libya three times, and he had to be shushed and corrected by Boris Johnson to the amusement and laughter of the other leaders at the G7 table. None of that is good, all of that should be reported. But they’re failing to do that. And that’s just one small subset of Biden issues, just his incoherence and incompetence, not even the horrible policies leading to the border crisis and resulting in inflation.

But how twisted are they that they can’t be bothered to ask the questions they should be asking, not only about Biden, but about Fauci and Critical Race Theory? It’s delusional to think that people are only asking questions about those topics because the “attacks are not sticking against Biden.” Seeing those topics as somehow only of concern to the right again exposes CNN’s lack of journalism and their bias on the topics. They suggest there could be questions that are for legitimate debate, yet they don’t really ask them or pursue them, they just mock those who do.

Then they wonder why their ratings are crashing into the cellar when this is what they’re trying to sell people?