Psaki Press Briefing Today Proves Journalism Is Well and Truly Dead

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Journalism was well and truly dead at the White House press briefing today.

Now, to be fair, it has been dead in the liberal media for quite some time.

Given the Fauci emails that are exploding all over the place, one might have thought that that would be the first question out of reporters’ mouths. In fact, I was wondering how Jen Psaki was going to spin it and if she would be able to get away with the “circle back” on it or be nailed for being elusive.


Well, I needn’t have wondered.

Turns out the White House press corps couldn’t even be bothered to ask one question about the emails. Psaki took questions for about 45 minutes. They asked about Russia, hacks, and vaccination initiatives, but nothing about Fauci.

Because obviously, beer shots are more important to ask about as an incentive to get a vaccine shot?

Amber Athey of The Spectator said that she was going to ask about it but she wasn’t called on, likely because they would know that they might get a question on it from a conservative outlet.


How in the pocket for Joe Biden, the narrative, and Fauci are they? They just proved it big time.

We saw how both The Washington Post and CNN basically ignored all the controversial emails and just presented fluff pieces about how he worked so hard and had so much to deal with. CNN even called him a “rare source of frank honesty” in the Trump administration’s task force, despite his multiple flip-flops and the bombshell emails.

The emails have included Dr. Peter Daszak, the president of EcoHealth Alliance, thanking Fauci for publicly dismissing the Wuhan lab leak theory, as well as an email from a scientist dated Feb. 1, 2020, indicating that the virus looked potentially engineered — that he and three other scientists “all find the genome inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory.” Then there was this email to Sylvia Burwell in February 2020 that we reported on earlier.


Expect a lot more to come from the emails and we will be reporting on them.

But it looks like the media may think if no one asks anything on the controversial parts, they can just float right by this all.

Sorry, but no. The genie is far out of the bottle and you can’t shove it back in.



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