Kelley Paul Unleashes on Dems for Encouraging Violence Against Her Husband

Win McNamee/Pool via AP

What a great thing it must be to have a wife like Kelley Paul, the wife of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).

It’s not easy to be the wife of a politician. There are a ton of things you have to put up with, for sure.


But one of the things that Kelley Paul shouldn’t have to put up with is the threats and attacks on her husband. As we reported previously, she and her husband received a death threat in the mail – – a suspicious package with white powder including a picture of her husband beaten up with a rifle pointed at his head and the threat, “I’ll finish what your neighbor started.”

Rand Paul’s neighbor attacked him from behind, breaking six of his ribs and causing him serious lung damage, with part of his lung later having to be removed.

Even more than that, Kelley Paul shouldn’t have to see Democrats and liberal blue-check Twitter encouraging violence against her husband or cheering attacks against him without any consequence for their actions, as she explains. Not even a Twitter suspension. She names names and goes after a Democratic PAC she thinks has been promoting some of this.


She’s absolutely right. Bette Midler is a vile human being. Here’s what the 2019 teacher of the year Rod Robinson tweeted.

Robinson said it was a “bad joke” and he’s still teaching.

That was only one of the attacks on Paul. Paul was also at the GOP baseball practice that was shot up by a Bernie Bro trying to kill Republicans. Paul and his wife were also pushed around and threatened by a BLM crowd last year.


Kelley Paul is right on target. These are the same people who are upset over “mean tweets” — as they encourage or celebrate horrible attacks on another human being. They view Rand Paul as the enemy so they think anything they say is okay.

Given the threats and attacks Rand Paul has had to endure from folks on the left, it is probably a good thing to let crazies know that they are armed.

But where are the Democrats to disavow these actions? To call for civility? Where is Twitter to even suspend any of these people? Sadly lacking in action. Because if it’s Democratic behavior, it’s all just cool.


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