NY Times Can't Figure out Reason for 'Rapid Decline' in Support for BLM Last Year

AP Photo/John Minchillo

The New York Times has an opinion piece out — “Support for Black Lives Matter Surged Last Year. Did It Last?”

They note how immediately after the death of George Floyd, support for BLM surged. But then, after June 3, it took a precipitous drop, and as the summer went on, it declined to even less support for BLM than there had been before Floyd’s death among some voters. The article said that among some voters, including Republicans, that it turned to outright opposition.


The article suggests this drop is evidence of support from white people and Republicans being “fickle.” They never seem to figure out why it took such a precipitous drop after June 3, just suggesting that people don’t like it when protesters seek redress of grievances or implying that Republicans and non-supportive voters have issues with civil rights. Translation: racisssst!

What they completely leave out and never mention is the riots, the assaults, the killings, the destruction that occurred over the past year in connection with BLM protests, particularly the destruction at the end of May, beginning of June. Do you think that might have had a little to do with the precipitous drop after June 3? How do you write about the decline in support and never touch upon that? Then came the radical calls to defund the police which virtually no one but Democrats supported.

What the decline showed was that yes, black lives matter to people which was why there was a brief moment of unity, but then, people of all stripes rejected the violence and the radical nature of BLM.


But, of course, the New York Times wanted to suggest it was uncaring white people and Republicans, while leaving out all the destruction.

The article notes that white Democrats were still supporting BLM which they take as positive movement. So basically they’re confirming either that Democrats are ignorant of what went on or are cool with destruction if they think they agree with the radical nature of it. It’s true. Democrats like Joe Biden embraced BLM and have never repudiated it. Kamala Harris and 13 Biden campaign staffers even donated to a bail fund during the riots. Not a good look, Democrats.

The New York Times doesn’t believe that that opposition to BLM is likely to reverse any time soon. Good.



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