Biden Presser Is Something: K-Pop, Confusion, the Earpiece and UFOs

Biden Presser Is Something: K-Pop, Confusion, the Earpiece and UFOs
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden met with South Korean President Moon Jae-in today.

During a joint press conference, Biden made it clear that who he was calling on during the press conference had been scripted by his staff, as the Washington Examiner explained.

“First question, I’m told is MaryAlice Parks, ABC,” Biden said starting the questions.

At his first press conference on March 25, we also saw a lot of scripting, where Biden had a pre-selected list of reliable liberal media to call on, without any questions from someone who might ask something pressing and challenging. He had a list of reporters with their names and their pictures, with numbers when they were supposed to be called on. He read his responses from prepared notes as well.

But in this presser, Parks used her first question to ask about Israel, asking if the Democrats had shifted in their commitment regarding support for Israel. As we’ve seen, there has been a lot of anti-Israel sentiment being expressed by the far-left Democrats, although Biden denies in response to Parks that there’s been any shift.

Biden almost claims credit for the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. You can hear him in the video above start to say he negotiated it, but he stops himself. The ceasefire was actually mediated by the president of Egypt.  Biden then says he’s committed to helping rebuild Gaza despite Hamas firing rockets into Israel.

During the presser, Biden also confused the 5G network with the G5 (Group of 5 Nations).

Biden tried to make a K-Pop joke to seem like he gets relevant cultural things. The only person who laughed at it was him.

It went over about as well as his Coast Guard joke that flopped when he tried to tell a joke he ripped off from Ronald Reagan but it fell flat.

But this time, he did take a question from Fox’s Peter Doocy, but only on the condition that Doocy ask him a “mean one.”

When he tells Doocy to ask Obama, he starts away from the podium without realizing that he hasn’t removed the earpiece from his ear and it almost gets ripped out as he starts to leave.

I suppose we should just be grateful that when Biden is meeting with foreign leaders that he doesn’t trip over himself even more, which is probably prevented because they are so highly scripted.

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