Biden's "Please Clap" Speech Was Actually Ripped off From Reagan, but It Fell Flat

Biden's "Please Clap" Speech Was Actually Ripped off From Reagan, but It Fell Flat
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Earlier today, we reported about a speech that Joe Biden gave to the Coast Guard where he basically begged the cadets to clap for him after he tried to tell a joke and it fell flat.

He chastises them, calling them “dull” and saying, “C’mon man, is the sun getting to you?”

This isn’t the first time that Biden has gotten peeved with the military for not giving him the attention he’s wanted, as my colleague Bonchie noted earlier. I reported on the last time — when he demanded that members of the Air Force in 2016 clap for him “you stupid bastards.” He then called them a “dull bunch,” saying “must be slow here.”

Turns out that Biden not only couldn’t deliver a line to the Coast Guard properly, he also “borrowed” it from Ronald Reagan’s speech to the Coast Guard Academy at the end of Reagan’s presidency. Biden also talked about his aide and told the same joke that Reagan did. But Reagan, unlike Biden could deliver the line. Listen to the fundamental difference.

The Coast Guard roared for Reagan, it fell completely flat for Biden. He also left out a word, “the hard nucleus around [which] the Navy forms in times of war.” Biden clearly thought he was going to get big laughs since it worked so well for Reagan. You can even see Biden pause for the expected laugh. Yet, nothing.

Sorry, Joe. We all knew Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan was a friend of ours and you are no Ronald Reagan.

Maybe the next time you swipe a line from someone it helps to understand it to deliver it? Because if you don’t, it doesn’t come across.

Biden also borrowed a slightly modified line from Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong. Biden said to the cadets that “women hold up half the world.” Mao’s words were “women hold up half the sky.” I’m just thinking maybe it’s not the best idea to rip off a communist responsible for the death of millions? Just a thought, of course.

Just a reminder of what people really used to think of Joe Biden before he became the Democratic nominee, and the media wagons circled around him to protect him.

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