S.E. Cupp Trips Over CNN While Blasting Andrew Cuomo's Book Deal Payday

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This is a great day for media having their hypocrisy blowing up on them.

First, we saw MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, after spending the past year preaching at other people about following the science, tossing the CDC guidance under the bus because she’s apparently not ready to fully take off her mask or understand the actual science involved in being vaccinated.


Now we have CNN’s S.E. Cupp upset with the fact that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is going to get a massive payout of $5.1 million for his pandemic book deal, the book in which he painted himself as a hero fighting against the pandemic as opposed to the reality of his truly scandalous response, which contributed to thousands of nursing home deaths.

Cupp finds it galling that Cuomo is getting such a payout. Cupp had previously made a comment in March as the sexual harassment/assault claims were coming out against Andrew Cuomo.

But one of the reasons Cuomo got such a “galling” deal was because of the anti-reality coverage provided for him by Cupp’s own network, CNN. Talk about clueless; Cupp seems to have forgotten about the CNN coverage of Andrew Cuomo.


CNN frequently had him on last year, building him up as that hero, the guy who was doing everything right as opposed to that evil President Donald Trump. He was even interviewed by his own brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo, where they even did funny skits. He wasn’t asked about the emerging nursing home scandal; he was asked about his love life.

This is what CNN called journalism, and these are just a couple of examples.

Then when the sexual harassment/assault claims hit this year and finally liberal media started reporting on the issues, then Chris Cuomo said he wouldn’t be covering his brother because that would be a conflict. Apparently, it wasn’t a “conflict” when he was building him up last year. Not to mention that CNN was just cool with all this.


Meanwhile, it wasn’t just Chris Cuomo or CNN in general who built Andrew Cuomo up as a counterpoint to Trump (who actually was the one doing something unique and historic, getting the vaccines developed in record time).

Cupp herself also tweeted apparent praise of Cuomo.

This was the reason that Andrew Cuomo could get the over $5 million payday. So, S.E. Cupp, you guys own it. It’s on you.


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