Mika Brzezinski Goes on Anti-Science Rant About Why She's Continuing to Wear a Mask

I’m trying to decide whether some folks just don’t understand science (despite the fact that they claim to “follow the science) or whether they are just so tied to the concept of the mask, they just can’t give it up.


Maybe a little bit of both those things, when it comes to someone like MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski. Here she is declaiming on the new CDC guidance that vaccinated people don’t have to wear masks anymore except in large crowded events. Apparently, that’s not clear to her, what that means.

“I do think, though, there needs to be some clarity, that there are some pockets of the country that may not be ready,” Brzezinski said. She said she was working with a team of people in Washington, D.C. including one person who is not vaccinated. “I’m wearing a mask around that person,” she said. “If you want to ‘follow the science,’ then, there are times you need to still wear the mask.”

This is just 100% bullocks. That isn’t ‘the science.’ The point of the vaccination is that if you are vaccinated, you are protected. Remember also that the wearing of the mask was allegedly supposed to help reduce the possibility of us from spreading it to someone else. So she doesn’t even have that right either. That’s a real problem when she has a huge platform from which to spread such nonsense. This is why you have so many people not understanding basic science and propagating such things, because they hear it from people like her. She’s actually speaking against the efficacy of the vaccines, whether she gets that or not.


Once again, the folks claiming they’re all about the science, aren’t. ‘Science’ becomes whatever they say it is to fit their agenda. And they’re taking this position after attacking any questioning from anyone else this past year, which is hypocritical as well.

Again, if Brzezinski wants to wear the mask forever — until the cows come home — feel free. But it’s not the science to mandate it onto other vaccinated people because you’re psychologically “not ready.” This is the same thing that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said yesterday in not acting in accordance with the CDC guidance, and unfortunately, he using his power to keep that mandate in place in New Jersey, still requiring masks indoors in public in New Jersey, even if people are vaccinated.

Brzezinski also sounds like she’s upset the pandemic is lessening, claiming it’s “not behind us globally” and “that means we could run into problems again.” What will they do now that they don’t have President Donald Trump to attack and if they don’t have a pandemic to milk the fear from? They might actually have to do real journalism, but we know that isn’t going to happen any time soon.



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