Biden Gets Confused Again, This Time Over the Governor of Maine and Vaccinations

Joe Biden did an interview with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell to push getting vaccinated for the Wuhan coronavirus.

During the interview, Biden spoke about meetings he was having with folks in the vaccination effort, including with the governor of Maine, Janet Mills, with whom he spoke virtually on Tuesday.


But while speaking to O’Donnell, Biden demonstrated more of that confusion about which we’ve been reporting.

The problem? He completely confuses the party of the governor with whom he just met. Mills is a Democrat.

From NBC:

That’s why you see I was on doing some meetings with folks who are providing for example and the governor of Maine, a Republican, is saying, if you want to get a free hunting license, come get a vaccine. Well, people are showing up.

And people are showing up across the board. So, the idea, I’ve never believed that at the end of the day, there would be any large percentage of Americans who would not get the vaccine.

Further, he talks about the nature of incentives for getting the vaccine, suggesting that’s working in Maine.

Perhaps things have miraculously changed in the past couple of weeks, but at the end of last month, vaccinations in Maine were dipping. We’d also note that the Biden folks may have been in part responsible for the dip that Maine reported on April 25, when there was a 20 percent decrease in weekly COVID-19 vaccinations, because the dip came after the 11-day pause in the J & J vaccine by the federal government.


Now, if this Biden confusion were a one-off, we might just skip over him getting the party of the person he just met with wrong. But it’s part of a whole pattern of confusion that is glaringly evident and a huge problem.

As we previously reported, Biden got completely confused when talking about jobs, saying that unemployment benefits being extended wasn’t a factor and then in the next moment saying it was a major factor. Then he basically admitted it was a factor when he said they were now going to be holding people to accepting jobs if they were offered or forego benefits.

This is on top of all the horrible policies that are beginning to blow up and set the world on fire.

It’s going to be a rough four years.


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