New Poll Numbers on DeSantis Are Going to Make Dems and '60 Minutes' Spit

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

New poll numbers from the Florida Chamber of Commerce on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are going to make Democrats and “60 Minutes” spit.

Democrats have been going all-in trying to attack him on every level. “60 Minutes” ran a disgraceful smear job on him about his COVID response that was roundly debunked.

But their efforts may have only served to heighten and polish up his profile for a future presidential run.

The statewide poll that came out yesterday showed that he had 55% approval in the state, with incredible Republican approval numbers at 88% approval, according to The Capitolist.

While the approval was, not surprisingly, split along ideological lines, with Democrats not approving at 73%, perhaps the most significant number was the non-politically aligned or independent voters who approved of him by a 20 point margin, 57% to 37%.

That’s major, that shows that the propaganda is not convincing the critical swing folks in the middle; that they can see it for what it is and are looking at the results DeSantis has produced.

But here’s the special message for “60 Minutes” that’s just going to make them lose their minds: 70 percent of voters in the Sunshine State say they approve of how DeSantis has handled the COVID response. It’s pretty hard to get better numbers than that and it pretty much shows that they completely failed in their hit piece on the virus response.

The head of the Florida Chamber of Commerce said that this showed that DeSantis had been moving Florida in the right direction and was a model on virus response.

“As I’ve said for over a year, under the leadership of Governor DeSantis, Florida continues moving in the right direction and serving as the national model for COVID-19 recovery while other states chose fear over facts,” said Florida Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Mark Wilson. “Governor DeSantis’ strong approval ratings show Florida’s voters and Florida’s business community are united around his leadership in protecting Floridians and Florida’s economy.”

The poll also is showing that DeSantis has great prospects against any of the Democratic challengers, with a double-digit lead against every likely Democratic opponent.

You can almost hear the great weeping and gnashing of teeth from Democrats over this — with all that they tried, to fail this badly. And it’s glorious. Chew on this a little, Democrats. Hope you enjoy it.

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