Hey, "60 Minutes," Chew on This Great News From Ron DeSantis' Florida

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

There’s no question that Democrats have been all-in to attack Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Why? Because they see him as a golden future presidential candidate, they know that they could be in trouble if they don’t do all they can to smear him now.

They’ve also had the constant help of the media in that endeavor, including the recent “60 Minutes” deceptively edited hit piece against him. Meanwhile, they can’t seem to be bothered to do anything on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has every scandal a tv “news” show would love to cover, except for that “D” after his name.

The problem, of course, that the Democrats and media have is that DeSantis is a great governor and has done a tremendous job for his state. Moreover, as each of their desperate attempts against him fails, it’s just further enhancing his name and bumping up his profile to the base who sees a fighter in the tradition of President Donald Trump.

Now, DeSantis has produced the best possible response to their slander against him: how well his state is now doing.

According to Townhall, citing the Palm Beach Post, Florida just hit a very important landmark.

For the first time in almost seven months, the state of Florida reported only a single-digit increase in new reported deaths linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

The state health department said seven more Floridians and two additional non-residents have died due to COVID-19. Over the past two weeks, daily reported COVID deaths across the state have ranged between 22 and 98, and the week-to-week reported deaths have been on a slow decline since January.

Just five new coronavirus deaths in Florida were reported Sept. 28.

Unlike Andrew Cuomo, DeSantis protected his seniors, issuing an order forbidding people from sending positive patients into nursing homes and exposing the most vulnerable. Cuomo issued an order saying the nursing homes couldn’t refuse positive patients. DeSantis prioritized seniors for the vaccine because they were the population most at risk. But “60 Minutes” attacked him for it, suggesting that was somehow wrong. But the numbers showed he was having great success getting seniors vaccinated.

But the falling death numbers for months prove how right that was.

So chew on this, “60 Minutes”: You failed, you lied, and Florida is coming out the backend of it all, thanks to Ron DeSantis.