Ron DeSantis Just Rips It up, as He Explains Filing Suit Against the CDC

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Ron DeSantis has been lighting it up on a number of issues, and it’s certainly giving Democrats some consternation as he seems a sure potential candidate for a future run for president. It’s hard to argue with his bona fides: smart, great background, former Navy JAG officer — and willing to stand up to Democrats on the critical issues that need defending. It’s a simple, but winning recipe.


As we reported, he triggered media and Democrats this week when he signed a new Florida election law.

But, he hit another important issue this week: trying to save jobs in his state that he said CDC restrictions were harming.

DeSantis said during a news conference on Wednesday that the state of Florida had filed suit earlier in the month against the CDC, over the issue of cruise ships not being allowed to sail.

The CDC issued a no-sail order against the cruise ships in March 2020, and the industry has been shut down since by that order. The industry is obviously desperate to sail again, and the order has endangering thousands of jobs. But while the CDC said earlier in the month that they would eventually allow cruises to fully resume in U.S. waters, they did not include a date for when ships would be allowed to sail. They just issued “guidance” to the industry on how to reduce COVID. A sad irony, given they have no present passengers.

So there’s no real idea of when the ships will be able to sail again. That’s why he was acting, DeSantis said.

Relevant part starts at 18:03:

From Daily Wire:

“So that is fundamentally unfair. It makes no sense and we are suing the CDC right now. We have a hearing coming up in federal court. But I can tell you, I want the cruises going. I want the cruise ships going; I think it’s vital for our economy. There’s tens of thousands of folks that are impacted by this issue.

When we announced the lawsuit in Miami, I’ll never forget it. We had a bunch of folks behind me, kind of like this, but they were all people who worked in the industry, and not just worked for the cruise lines. You have all these smaller businesses that support this industry, and one of the ladies went up there. She said, “You know, we were told two weeks. It was hard for us, but we were there. We wanted to do our part.” Here we are a year later. And she’s like “You know, there’s been a lot of toll in our community because of Covid. We’ve had a lot of deaths, but they’re not deaths from Covid. They’re deaths from despair.

“They’re deaths from people that got involved with drugs and substance abuse or suicide and the amount of how their lives and livelihoods were shattered by what the CDC did,” DeSantis charged. “So this has real consequences on people. These folks want to be back. We want them back. And we’re going to keep fighting for that. But think about the larger implication of this. Do you want one unelected bureaucracy to be able to have the power to indefinitely shut down a major industry in this country? They do not have that authority to do it. That’s why we’re suing them. But this has much larger implications than just cruise ships sailing or not. This has implications for potentially any industry and look, with all due respect to the CDC, I mean if you look at some of the stuff that they’ve done on school openings, where they’re basically doing the teacher’s union’s bidding, when they say these kids should be masked in summer camp outdoors. I’m sorry, that’s not science, that’s politics.”


DeSantis is fighting for the well-being of his citizens, and that’s exactly what he’s supposed to be doing. He’s conscious of the virus, but he’s also not ignoring all the other balls in the air: every other concern, every other health question — or the jobs of his citizens.

We started out with two weeks to flatten the curve and here it is more than a year later. We have bureaucracy issuing edicts without full transparency as to the formation of those edicts, and in the case of the cruise lines, leaving them completely in limbo. Businesses need answers if they are going to survive.

Good for DeSantis for standing up and demanding them.


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