'Summer of Blood': Suit Alleges Seattle Let Teen Bleed to Death Because He Was in the CHOP

AP Photo/Noah Berger

Remember when Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan described the madness that happened in the BLM Seattle CHOP autonomous zone last year as a “summer of love?”


In addition to a lot of damage and other craziness, multiple people were also killed in the zone.

One of those people was 19-year-old Lorenzo Anderson. We reported on how President Donald Trump called and tried to comfort his father, and how insane it was that Durkan hadn’t shut down and cleared out the area.

Even after that incident with Anderson, more people were shot, including two teens allegedly shot by the armed BLM security guards. One of the teens died.

But now, according to the NY Post, the estate of Lorenzo Anderson has filed suit against the Seattle Police Department, the Seattle Emergency Medical Services, Mayor Jenny Durkan, the Seattle City Council, and the state of Washington alleging that they were all negligent and “breached the duty of reasonable care” when he was shot in the zone in June of last year.

When Anderson was shot, a Seattle Fire Department ambulance was two blocks away and police were about half a mile away, the suit claims.

But they didn’t rush in to respond because it was the BLM autonomous zone, police weren’t allowed to enter and it was dangerous because of the armed BLM people there. They didn’t go in until 2:39 a.m., twenty minutes after the teen was shot. Meanwhile, Anderson, who had been hit in the hand, buttocks, knee, and shoulder but not in any vital organs, lay bleeding to death, the suit alleges. “The Seattle EMT was less than a minute away from Lorenzo as he bled out, and the Seattle Police were less than 5 minutes away from him as he bled out. Essentially, Lorenzo was left to die.”


“If they had went in there and did their job, I believe my son would still be alive and I wouldn’t have to be going through this right now,” Anderson’s father, Horace Anderson, who has his own $3 billion lawsuit against the city, told The Post.

“They let him bleed to death. Somebody needs to be held accountable.”

The suit says this was completely preventable except that the city and Mayor Durkan allowed the CHOP to continue.

“The Mayor of Seattle motivated and nurtured CHOP as [she] believed the occupation of the area was creating a ‘summer of love,’” the claim states, referencing an interview Durkin gave to CNN’s Chris Cuomo on June 12, 2020.

“However, as many well know, it became a ‘summer of blood.’”

Really can’t argue with any of that suit because it sounds right on the money. Durkan had ample evidence that it was going to be a disaster. She allowed it to happen and now people are dead. The only thing I might add to anyone wanting to sue would be to suggest they also go after the deep pockets of Black Lives Matter, to hold them accountable as well.


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