It's May Day: Communists Marching in Austin, Antifa in Seattle and Violence in Europe

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Today is May Day and as usual, radical leftists and Communists are out and about celebrating the day, with some wreaking havoc.

Now, some of their crazy probably wouldn’t be happening until later, but here’s a little bit now.


Here are the folks in Austin, not being shy about their Communist ideology. May Day is basically their “Commie Christmas” (absent God and sanity). Yes, Austin is far left and weird, unlike most of the rest of Texas.

How nice that they’re holding up pictures of Communist murderers like Mao and Stalin, responsible for the murders of millions of people. The only positive thing is that there aren’t that many of these idiot marchers.

Folks are already out causing trouble in Seattle.


So here’s a thought. Since they’re all dressed the same, committing violence as a planned group, kettle all of them and take them all in. Since they want to act as a “black bloc,” treat them that way. They do this kind of thing every May Day in Portland and Seattle, so you would think that the public officials would be able to address it better than to just let than smash things and attack people? But, apparently not.

But, we’ll have to give it to this streamer who just trolls the Seattle Antifa folks unmercifully. Great job, good sir, you are a hero. He has a great laugh when they trip.

Because Europe is later, the “fun” and the violence is already well underway there. Remember, according to Joe Biden, these guys are all just an idea (that’s been around for decades in a variety of countries).


It didn’t end well for this guy trying to jump the flames.


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