Biden Team Gives Antifa a Huge Break With Their Latest Moves

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Catherine Herridge just came out with an interesting stat.


So for one day of the Capitol riot, they’re predicting there will be 500 people charged, with several being held while awaiting trial, according to the Daily Wire.

For months and months of BLM/Antifa rioting between the end of May and Sept. 1, 2020, there were 300 federal arrests, with 100 of those arrests in Portland. Of course, since then, there have been many more arrested.

But there’s more to the story.

We already knew that some of the Democratic-run cities haven’t been pursuing a lot of the state charges. It has been a deep problem with the local district attorney in Portland, for example. But now there’s a deeper look at the federal charges which have been levied against the rioters in Portland and it’s not good.

Surely Joe Biden is encouraging the DOJ to go all-in to prosecute and lock up those who are federally charged, right?

Just kidding. Of course he isn’t doing that. Exactly the opposite.

Since the Biden folks came in, they’ve been clearing away most of the federal cases that were still hanging out there against the rioters, many of whom were involved in the actions against the federal courthouse on some level. Nearly half of all the cases have been dropped, and a lot of the remaining defendants will get off with just probation or community service, according to the Daily Wire, citing a Wall Street Journal report.


“Of 96 cases the U.S. attorney’s office in Portland filed last year charging protesters with federal crimes, including assaulting federal officers, civil disorder, and failing to obey, prosecutors have dropped 47 of them, government documents show,” per the WSJ. “Ten people have pleaded guilty to related charges and two were ordered detained pending trial. None have gone to trial.”

“The penalties levied so far against any federal defendants, most of whom were arrested in clashes around federal buildings in Portland including the courthouse, have largely consisted of community service, such as working in a food bank or encouraging people to vote,” the outlet added.

“In recent weeks, prosecutors have approved deals in at least half a dozen federal felony cases arising from clashes between protesters and law enforcement in Oregon last summer,” Politico added. “The arrangements — known as deferred resolution agreements — will leave the defendants with a clean criminal record if they stay out of trouble for a period of time and complete a modest amount of community service, according to defense attorneys and court records.”


So they could potentially get off completely, with clean records. For being involved in a continuing violent action against the federal government.

Thanks, Joe Biden! We can just ignore all the damage, all the cops attacked and injured. After all, it’s all just an idea.


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