WaPo Writer Doesn't Get Concerns About Driving Near Protesters, Here's an Explainer

WaPo Writer Doesn't Get Concerns About Driving Near Protesters, Here's an Explainer
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Washington Post opinion writer Radley Balko tweeted that he didn’t quite get why some people were so worried about “inadvertently driving near a protest, getting stuck in front of a wall of protesters, then getting pulled out of their car and beaten.”

In his tweet, he referenced a ridiculous article from “The New Republic” which claimed Republicans wanted the “right to crash cars into people” and that Republicans were endorsing a “terroristic tactic” against “protesters.”

As I’ve covered the protests/riots over the past year, I’ve seen many encounters that have ranged from minor harassment to someone ending up dead. I’m not sure what Balko has been watching over the past year, but BLM/Antifa people are constantly blocking cars in the street and getting into encounters with drivers. “Whose streets? Our streets,” they chant. They really believe that; they seem to think they have the right to block your car. Now, not every instance deteriorates to violence. But many have and it’s a recipe for more disaster. It’s not “protesting” to surround people’s cars, to prevent them from moving, and to harass or threaten them.

Here are a few examples.

A motorist was shot in the head in Alamosa, Colorado, then the protesters falsely claimed the motorist tried to run into them, which the video showed was a lie.

That wasn’t even the only one in Colorado, as we observed. Here’s another one in Provo, Utah, where the motorist was shot in the arm. You may recognize someone who the local media interviews. John Sullivan, who was later arrested for actions at the Capitol riot, reportedly helped plan this protest in Provo.

There was this incident in Los Angeles, where they chased him down with their cars, attacked his car, and tried to pull him out.

Perhaps one of the saddest stories was that of little 8-year-old Secoriea Turner. Her family made a wrong turn off the highway and were just trying to turn around in a parking lot near a local Wendy’s in Atlanta. Unfortunately, that was an area protesters had taken over. Secoriea was shot and killed in that encounter. Secoriea and her mother were just trying to get home.

No, it’s not just a fear of “old white men.” That’s an attempt to diminish it. It’s something that’s affected ordinary motorists of all races.

Last week, after the Chauvin verdict, there was an incident in Minneapolis that involved a crowd stopping a semi-truck. They then surrounded it, banged on the truck, pulled out the lines connected to the trailer, and jumped on the hood. Fortunately, it appears the truck was able to move away without further incident.

So you can try to diminish it like Balko, or you can say there’s an obvious continuing issue that places motorists (and BLM people) in danger. That you can protest without harassing and surrounding motorists; that no one should have been shot like the men in Utah or little Secoriea in Atlanta; that none of the multiple other assaults and shootings should have happened.

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