Journalist Posts Video of Semi-Truck Moving 'Aggressively' Through BLM Crowd, Gets Hairy Very Quickly

AP Photo/Noah Berger

Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts today in the death of George Floyd.

Now you would think that the folks on the left who claimed they wanted “justice” might have been happy with the result.

But they weren’t; indeed, some were palpably unhappy with it, like MSNBC’s Jason Johnson, who said that despite the guilty verdict “the system still isn’t working.”

The emerging talking point is perhaps best exemplified by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, that this verdict is not enough.

Harris’ niece:

As we reported, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is also saying, “This is not justice.”

BLM folks are in the street tonight, despite the verdict. They chant “no justice, no peace.” But they really mean as well, “Justice, no peace.” Because whether you agree with the verdict or not, that’s the jury’s decision, but it’s not satisfying the BLM folks.

Unfortunately for one truck driver that led to a scary encounter, one which brings back memories of Reginald Denny, the truck driver who was violently assaulted in the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles.

The truck driver, for God knows what reason, was driving through the area of Minneapolis where many protesters had assembled. It’s not clear exactly why, but the crowd then surrounded the truck and wouldn’t let it go, with a man even jumping on the hood of the truck and another man uncoupling some of the lines between the cab and the trailer. The journalist who tweeted about it said the truck driver “aggressively” drove through the area. But the video did not show that. Imagine that take, though. It’s the truck that’s supposed to be in the street, not the people. The people aren’t supposed to be blocking traffic.

When one of the people started uncoupling the lines and people started pounding on his windows, that was the point that the truck driver seemed to understand he was in a very perilous position that could turn much worse very quickly. So he began to pull away slowly as the people around him still yelled and screamed at him. Fortunately, he appears to have been able to get out of the area.

How about the police protecting poor truck drivers who are trying to drive through the area and make it out of there safely? I can’t even remember the number of times this has happened at this point, where a BLM crowd has surrounded a driver and it doesn’t end well. Sometimes for the driver, sometimes for the BLM people. But it’s virtually never a good situation when they play the “let’s try to stop the vehicle” game.

Another angle:

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