Peaceful Protester Shoots Motorist Peacefully During Peaceful Protest

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Los Angeles Protest

There is no doubt that the street protests that nominally expressed anger over the death of George Floyd while in the custody of Minneapolis police have morphed into brazen exercises of intimidation and nascent insurrection led by members of Antifa…yes, there is an actual organization and saying there isn’t won’t change the fact that there is but it will make you look stupid.


Increasingly, the favored tactic is blocking traffic. And, as the demonstrations become more and more violent, motorists are being targeted and, it is becoming more and more common to see vehicles, festooned with hirsute, scrofulous, putrid demonstrators barreling out of the area:


Even (or especially) police are feeling the threat


(READ: Watch: ‘Protesters’ Surround Police Vehicle With the Officer Inside and Things Get Crazy for details.)


The media has tried to portray drivers trying to get the hell out of Dodge as some kind of a right wing conspiracy to kill demonstrators a la Charlottesville, because when you are an Antifa sympathizer with a megaphone you’re naturally going to blame someone else for the criminality of your friends and allies. For instance:

The Washington Post– Amid massive demonstrations, vehicles striking protesters raise disturbing echoes of 2017 Charlottesville attack

Slate– Why So Many Drivers Are Ramming Into Protesters

Bloomberg (at least they aren’t publishing ChiCom agitprop…or are they)– Why Vehicle Attacks Against Protesters Are Rising

NPR ran a humdinger Vehicle Attacks Rise As Extremists Target Protesters that set #DefundNPR trending on Twitter (See #DefundNPR Trends After NPR Caught Spreading Fake News About Louisville Incident Involving Car and Protesters).


Now the level of violence directed against motorist is intensifying and becoming a trend. A couple of weeks ago a protester in Alamosa, CO, (who presciently was also a local defense attorney) shot a man in the head:

And now the same thing has happened in Provo, UT:

The same shooting is below with a close up of the shot being fired:

here you can see a vehicle surrounded by these goons trying to make its way to freedom…keep in mind all they had to do was get out of the f***ing road…and one black-masked thug shoots into the driver’s side window.

Police say the man driving a white SUV was pulling into the right turn lane in an attempt to turn onto Center Street when several protesters began crowding the vehicle.

Police said a male protester ran to the passenger side of the SUV, pointed a handgun at the driver and shot one round through the window. The driver was struck by the bullet and fled the scene.

The gunman shot a second round that went through the rear passenger window, according to video obtained by police.

The same protester later approached another vehicle at 500 N. University Avenue and broke the window with the handgun, police stated in a Facebook post.


I think it’s safe to say that the protests over George Floyd’s death, per se, have pretty much burned themselves out. What is left, masquerading as protests over his death, is actually a slow motion attempt at an insurrection. They are creating violence in order to try to provoke a violent response from authorities which, they hope, will produce martyrs to fuel still more demonstrations. This is straight out of the wars of national liberation playbook used by the communists in Latin America. One thing you can be sure of is this, if your car gets stopped by protesters, your life is certainly in danger and you need to realize that and act accordingly.


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