Watch: Los Angeles BLM 'Protesters' Attack Car, Try to Pull Person Out of It

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BLM people were out in the streets of Los Angeles last night blocking roads again.

They were at an intersection in Hollywood blocking cars when a white Prius tried to creep through and around the people.


This triggered the BLM folks who then tried to surround his car.

The man was smart enough to know that wasn’t good so he pulled away from what was clearly a dangerous situation.

But that didn’t stop the BLM folks. They got into cars and chased the Prius down, with one of their protest trucks cutting him off down the road. They then jumped out and started trying to attack the car and the man in it, punching him and trying to pull him out of it. Another car pulled up behind him and bracketed him in as the BLM rioters continued to attack the car, hitting the car with a Black Lives Matter flagpole, smashing the front windshield with a skateboard and throwing a bike at the back windshield.

At that point the man peeled out, knowing he could be killed. He was stopped down the road by police and briefly detained while they figured out what had gone on.

Here’s the full video.


The police issued a statement about the incident noting the facts of two vehicular incidents, including a truck the BLM people also tried to stop.

While they detained the Prius drive, he was later released and the police said they were investigating the incident, that “all the drivers and victims” in the incident had been identified. Except they got something wrong there, the drivers that had to endure this nonsense were the victims.

This needs to prosecuted everywhere they are employing this dangerous tactic. While it’s clear the police are investigating whether the drivers hit people, can we even hope they are investigating the attacks on the drivers? That they’ll hold some these people responsible for the dangerous and harmful situations they are creating? It’s Los Angeles, so I don’t hold out too much hope.

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