Cuomo Staffers Drop a Dime on Him on Allegations He Broke Law Over His Book

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It seems like there’s constantly new information coming out on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his various scandals.

There’s more and more evidence stacking up that exposes him to possible action for allegedly breaking the law.


The latest story is typical, narcissistic Cuomo.

Several staffers are claiming that Cuomo made them work on his book about how he was the savior in response to the coronavirus pandemic, that their work was not voluntary, as Cuomo spokesperson Rich Azzopardi asserted last week.

New York law prohibits Cuomo or other state employees from using government resources (like staff) for their own personal gain. Cuomo certainly did get a lot of “personal gain” from his book contract which has been reported to be $4 million. As we reported, Melissa DeRosa and Stephanie Benton, as well as junior staffers, assisted the governor with drafts of “Leadership Lessons” which was published in mid-October.

From NY Post:

Government staffers were reportedly helping with the manuscript by late June and early July — a potential violation of state laws that prohibit the use of public resources for personal gain.

A state ethics agency gave Cuomo permission last July to write it — but specifically told him not to to use state “personnel” or property “for activities associated with the book,” The Buffalo News reported.


This raised the question of whether part of the calculus of the nursing home coverup was to bury things so it wouldn’t hurt his ability to sell his book, which just adds another layer to the slime that is Andrew Cuomo.

According to one of the staffers who is now spilling the beans, “It was not optional.” The former staffer told the Albany Times Union it was “considered a part of your job. Everyone knew that you did what was asked of you and opting out was never really an option.”

One person with direct knowledge of a junior staffer’s involvement called it “patently ridiculous” that the staffer had volunteered for the project.

A second person with direct knowledge of a separate junior staffer’s involvement with the book agreed the work was done alongside government work, the newspaper reported.

Cuomo’s office has denied that any overtime was paid to junior staffers for work on the book over a claim from the Times Union that records showed at least two staffers received a large amount of overtime pay in the last year.


Bottom line? It’s still in violation of the law, even if “voluntary” and it sure doesn’t sound voluntary.

But, this is more Cuomo subterfuge.

Cuomo apparently thought he was a king, with the vast powers of the New York State government at his fingertips to command, where he could order people around to do what he wanted to benefit himself, not just in this regard but even with virus testing for friends and family, not to mention his treatment of women.

Cuomo is hoping he can just skate to the end of his term before things really fall on him. He may be able to. But, he really needs to be removed from office formally, if the law means anything anymore.


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