Brian Stelter Wins Least Self Aware Post of the Day

If there’s one group has no credibility when commenting on the subject of media spreading false stories, it would be CNN.

Perhaps the chief hypocrite at CNN is Brian Stelter, whose whole existence seems predicated on bashing Fox News, while not taking any look at the false stories his own network has spread.


So it was particularly ironic what Stelter tweeted over the weekend about the spread of false information on social media.

Stelter tweeted that “false info on the web ‘is propagated mainly by a relatively small number of super-spreaders, often high-profile partisan media outlets, social-media influencers and political figures…'”

Can we start laughing now about the “high profile partisan media outlets” part of that? Because the description just screams “CNN.”

How much malign influence has CNN been responsible for over these last four years, to millions of people? Although, truthfully, since their ratings have dropped and I’m not even sure they have their airport concession anymore, they likely have less influence than they had once upon a time. It’s hard to imagine now that they ever had any credibility. Their whole focus the last four years seems to have been to run whatever story might harm President Donald Trump, never mind about the accuracy of it.


As the Project Veritas #ExposeCNN videos showed, CNN set about targeting Trump. Project Veritas also tried to ask Brian Stelter what he thought about their series on CNN. Hilariously, Stelter got all huffy, refused to answer any questions, and called a building staffer to have him remove the reporter. But his response was CNN in a nutshell, they don’t ever want to have to justify themselves.

People reminded Stelter of some of the false/debunked/misleading info which CNN has promoted in the past.

The whole debacle of them pushing this character as any kind of a credible source on anything.


One pointed out that maybe it wasn’t the best idea to tweet out something that had a conspiracy about microchips in the picture, as Stelter did because he cited the Nature story.

Stelter’s response? Blame Nature, not his own tweet containing the picture.

How CNN in a nutshell.

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