Project Veritas Triggers a Meltdown From Our Friend, CNN's Brian Stelter

Brian Stelter confronted by Project Veritas reporter. Credit: Project Veritas

We’ve been covering some of the fascinating videos of Project Veritas exposing CNN.

CNN was busted for targeting both President Donald Trump and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL). Then there was the video where CNN director Charlie Chester admitted how they kept the Wuhan coronavirus death counter up on their site because it helped ratings, because “fear sells.” Not to mention that Chester described how they only put on guests they feel they can manipulate, who had a track record of having “taken the bait” in the past (speaking in accordance with the narrative).


Now, even with Twitter suspending James O’Keefe’s account and trying to shut him down, there’s another video out.

Project Veritas wanted to get the reaction of your friend and mine, CNN’s ‘media’ journalist Brian Stelter (the guy whose sole mission seems to go after Fox and Republicans) to the videos exposing CNN. The reporter asked what he thought about Chester’s comments that “fear sells” and asked if Stelter agreed.

But Stelter, in flip flops and shorts, immediately melted down that the Project Veritas guy dared to approach him. “I feel really bad for you,” Stelter shot back at him, completely aggrieved. The reporter asked, “Do you report any news that [CNN president] Jeff Zucker doesn’t tell you directly to report?” Stelter protested that he reported “whatever I want.” The CNN media guy was so unable to deal with the reporter, he chickened out and called a maintenance guy to remove him. He was left completely speechless by folks who are doing actual reporting, something he wouldn’t know anything about.


CNN hasn’t answered the question about whether Chester is still employed by them.

What was extra hilarious about it all was how Stelter was dressed, in shorts and a sweatshirt. The sweatshirt said “Journalism matters. Now more than ever.” Of course, CNN hasn’t been journalism in quite some time, as the Project Veritas piece showed. If they were journalism, they would have covered their own people getting attacked and chased at a BLM protest.


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