Chris Cuomo Stumbles All Over Reality in His Comments About Police Shootings

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo isn’t known for the great intelligence of his comments. There’s a reason he’s earned the nickname “Fredo” on social media.


Cuomo proved why it fits once again, as he went full-on trying to push the narrative about police shootings of black people on his show Saturday.

What he said was not only extremely offensive, it was also incredibly ignorant and untrue.

Cuomo said that police and gun reform wouldn’t come until “white people’s kids start getting killed.” “Shootings, gun laws, access to weapons. Oh, I know when they’ll change,” he declared. “[When] your kids start getting killed. White people’s kids start getting killed.”

Cuomo then mocked white people, putting on an accent, “‘What’s going on with these police? Maybe we shouldn’t even have police.'” Then added, “That kind of mania. That kind of madness. That’ll be you. That’ll be the majority. Because it’s your people. See?”

My gosh, is he actually sounding like he wants white people killed? That’s what it sounds like. To prove some kind of point?

Someone want to tell Chris that more white people are killed than black people right now? So, his whole argument is silly?


Yes, we can get into percentages and statistics, involvement in police interactions and/or violent crime, and discuss what it all means.

But Cuomo acts as though there are no white people at all being shot by the police. He’s talking about when white kids “start” getting killed.

Maybe from the perspective of CNN, they aren’t getting killed. Because CNN can’t be bothered to highlight those shootings. Because they can’t try to use them to be divisive or feed their narrative.

For example, we know the name of Daunte Wright, the black young man who was killed in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Do we know the name of the white teenager who was killed by police because he had an airsoft gun? Have you even heard of the case?


Has Chris Cuomo covered this story? Guessing the answer is that he has not.

So, is Cuomo really this stupid, or is it just about pumping that division?

Let’s also note that we had an opportunity at a police reform bill from Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC). But Democrats killed it because it was a Republican bill. They didn’t want to hear what a black Senator had to say on the subject of police reform, since it didn’t fit their agenda.

As we previously reported, Chris Cuomo’s ratings have taken a big dive with the revelations concerning his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

But maybe, too, people are just tired of all the manipulation, like this, that CNN has been pushing.


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