CNN's 'Cuomo' Show Takes Huge Ratings Nosedive, While Fox's 'Gutfeld' Soars

Greg Gutfeld on new show 'Gutfeld!' (Credit: 'Gutfeld!')

CNN’s Brian Stelter is always pushing this fight between CNN and Fox, while knocking Fox at every opportunity. Indeed his show’s whole reason for existence seems to be to bash Fox, not report real news.


So here’s a little information we have for Brian — perhaps he’ll cover it, since it has Fox in it?

CNN’s most popular show, “Cuomo Prime Time,” has taken a huge nosedive in ratings, according to Fox. For the week of April 5, it was down 45% compared to what it was the week of Jan. 25, before the scandal over New York Governor Andrew Cuomo really imploded. It only had 1.2 million viewers for the week. Some podcasts could probably beat that. It also fell 55% in the important 25-54 demographic over that same period.

Chris Cuomo came under fire during the scandal for promoting his brother on the show last year, often doing jokey reports with him, even describing him at one point as the “Luv Guv” and talking about women being interested in him because of his ‘successful’ handling of the pandemic. At no point did Chris Cuomo ever put his brother to tougher questions about the nursing home scandal. Then came the accusations of sexual harassment and other sexually improper behavior against the governor. More recently it was revealed that the governor reportedly ordered health officials to give preferential treatment to his friends and family, including Chris, when it came to Wuhan coronavirus testing. Then, after promoting his brother a good part of last year and after the scandal was further revealed this year, Chris Cuomo, said that because of the “conflict” he couldn’t cover the scandal. All those factors have no doubt had a huge effect on what viewers think about the show and Chris Cuomo.


Meanwhile, Fox notes that their new “Gutfeld!” show had soared in its premiere week, trumping every single CNN show in both total viewers and demographics with 1.6 million viewers for the week of April 5.

Gutfeld whupped Don Lemon’s CNN Tonight in a head-to-head matchup, outdistancing him by 135% during the week. Lemon only had 668,000 viewers total for the week. It’s even beaten some broadcast network shows including ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and NBC’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

You know that has to have Brian Stelter on the floor, green with envy, and you’re not likely to hear about how badly Cuomo’s show is doing or how Gutfeld’s show is beating the pants off of every show on CNN. Perhaps I shouldn’t talk about him beating the pants off Stelter, because that’s a sight we never want to see again. Perhaps it’s this high-quality program that explains their residence in the ratings basement.


But Gutfeld did deliver the final blow to Stelter and his anti-Fox mania that we wrote about earlier, where Stelter demanded to know why Fox News reporters and hosts weren’t doing vaccine selfies on air.


Here’s a little of Greg’s new show:


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