Gretchen Whitmer Unintentionally Trips Over a Little Truth

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI)

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes had Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer on his show to talk about why there’s a resurgence of the Wuhan coronavirus in her state.


Buried in there amongst all the nonsense of her response, she tripped over a little truth.

Now, first, if you haven’t seen it yet, check what Whitmer has on the shelf behind her. She has an Anthony Fauci pillow. Given that he’s been a source and support of some of her authoritarian actions, it perhaps makes sense that she has a totem to him, like a cult object. Fauci has become a God to folks on the left, his pronouncements as though dropped from on high.

Whitmer admitted to Chris Hayes that her state was seeing a resurgence of the virus across the state. She claimed that some of it was “because we as a nation did not rally to beat this virus.” “We have turned on one another and this virus has taken an incredible toll on us,” she declared. She said they still have “smart policies in place,” explaining they still do have mask mandates in place and capacity requirements. Then she said it. “We’ve got some of the strongest protocols in the country and yet this virus has come raging back.” Chris Hayes then claimed the state wasn’t an “outlier” on the scale of open/closed.


Fascinating. So the virus is surging back now, because “we as a nation did not rally to beat this virus?” I’m guessing this is supposed to be a hit on President Donald Trump. But he’s not in charge now, Biden is. So is she really blaming Biden here? Moreover, it isn’t surging all over the country, only in some select areas, including in the northeast and in her state. So no, her state is not seeing a resurgence because of anything affecting the entire nation because most states are not having a surge. But I do agree that so many Democrats have politicized the virus and turned on people in so doing.

Whitmer then talks about how her state still has “smart policies” and the “strongest protocols” but the virus still came raging back. She’s so close to the truth, but she doesn’t quite get there. Hayes claims Michigan isn’t an outlier when indeed, just as she said, historically, they’ve been more stringent than a lot of the other states, although now she’s saying they’re not going to impose new lockdowns or further restrictions. Meanwhile, as cases are surging in Michigan, they’re declining in states like Texas, which have dropped all their restrictions.



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