Video Shows in a Split Second How Cop Stopping a Car Can Go Very Wrong

Dashcam footage from fatal shooting of Officer Darian Jarrott

I’ve been writing a lot this weekend about how Patrisse Khan-Cullors seems to have been able to monetize her role as one of the co-founders of BLM into enough money to secure four different homes and reportedly be looking at another possible home in the Bahamas at a resort.

I also wrote how some of the parents of the people who Cullors says she’s fighting for are really not happy with her.

Every situation where there is a police-involved shooting needs to be looked at on its own facts and there are situations where the cops are in the wrong. But BLM likes to assume that every situation is the cop being evil, hence their chant “ACAB” or “All cops are bastards.”

That’s an evil thing to do and it’s precipitated all kinds of other evils as a result, including all the people harmed because the police were “defunded” (cut back or restricted) in a variety of cities.

But people who believe this kind of stuff need to see the reality of the situation where it suddenly turns from a normal conversation between a police officer and a civilian to a deadly situation, and how cops are placed in situations every day where they may have to make that split-second judgment that means going home, alive, to their families at night, or not.

There’s an awful video that was published today in the New York Post and we want to give you a warning that this is very graphic because it shows an officer, Darian Jarrott, doing everything right, being very polite. Then that split second comes and it doesn’t end well.


Officer Jarrott put his life on the line for all of us and he likely didn’t think he was encountering any real problem when he stopped Oscar Felix Cuerva on February 4 in New Mexico for driving with tinted windows. He had probably stopped many cars before. But you never know what’s coming and that’s, unfortunately, a part of the job. When you brand all police evil, you are harming the memory of courageous men like this. We all should remember how much these officers sacrifice, all the things they have to deal with day after day in their jobs, and how they deserve to go home at the end of the day, safely to their families.