Asra Nomani Reveals More Fascinating Info on BLM Co-Founder in a Brutal Thread

AP Photo/Noah Berger

As I previously reported, BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors just dropped $1.4 million through a corporate entity she controls on a mini-compound in the very white Topanga Canyon area of Los Angeles.

But as we also reported, it turns out that wasn’t the only real estate she’d invested in; in fact, she had three other homes in her name, according to the NY Post, two of those also in the Los Angeles area and another one in that horrible evil racist state of Georgia — that one, a “custom ranch,” came complete with an airplane hangar and an indoor swimming pool, not to mention the use of a runway for planes. The New York Post also said that she was checking out places at a resort in the Bahamas where the homes run between $5 and $20 million but it wasn’t clear if she’d actually bought anything.

According to the NY Post, there are two BLM entities connected to Cullors, a non-profit and a for-profit. She doesn’t have to declare details of the for profit. But the non-profit claimed that they made $90 million in 2020 and that they doled out $21.7 million of that to various black-led groups. It’s not clear what money Cullors gets from the non-profit. But she bought the house in Georgia in January of last year after her book “When They Call You a Terrorist” came out. She also cut a multi-platform deal with Warner Brothers Television Group to produce pieces showing “black voices who have been historically marginalized.” For a trained Marxist she certainly appears to be a pretty good capitalist. It would appear she’s making her social justice BLM leadership role pay off.

That wasn’t all, as author and journalist Asra Nomani pointed out in a Twitter thread. According to Nomani, Cullors also formed a consulting firm with her non-binary spouse, Janaya Khan who’s also a BLM organizer.

Cullors and Khan formed the consulting firm in 2016.

Some of Cullors’ supporters then attacked Nomani for her thread.

But other folks are upset with her actions.

As I mentioned in my prior story, BLM grassroots activists in the streets want more transparency as to where all the money is going and they want to see more help. Hawk Newsome, who runs BLM Greater New York, is calling for “an independent investigation” as to how the global BLM network spends its money. Moreover, mothers of Tamir Rice and Richard Risher are disturbed about how their sons’ names and likenesses have been used by activists. They said they want the activists to stop capitalizing on their dead children and among the people they name is Cullors.

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