Psaki Downplays People on Terrorist Watchlist Being Caught Entering at the Border, Ted Cruz Warns of the Danger

AP Photo/Susan Walsh, Pool

Jen Psaki had a bit of a difficult time today, particularly with questions from Fox News’ Peter Doocy.

Doocy asked about Joe Biden’s continuing lies in regard to Major League Baseball, and she was completely owned on that issue.

Doocy also asked about the story that the DHS was going to continue work on President Donald Trump’s wall despite previously stopping it. Psaki went all the way around the mulberry bush but basically acknowledged, that yes, they would be doing so to plug “gaps.” How much or what exactly they would be doing was unclear. Trump had completed about 450 miles during his term in office.

Peter Doocy then asked her about two people who were on the terrorist watchlist from Yemen who were caught entering through the border. The CBP announced it and then, oddly, their tweet about it was deleted — some theorized because of the Biden effort to shut down CBP information.

Psaki tried to downplay people on the terrorist watchlist coming in as “very uncommon” and a sign of the CBP doing their job in catching them. How uncommon does it have to be? It only takes one person, bent on terror, to do a lot of damage, so maybe what you want to say, instead of treating it dismissively, is how it is that you’re preventing them from coming in? And why was the notice about them deleted? Where’s the transparency, and why are you keeping the CBP from sharing this information which they normally share with the public?

One man was found in January, the other in March, in essentially the same place, which might suggest that there’s a line being run for more problematic illegal aliens through that area. They were on the terrorism watchlist and the “no fly” list. The watchlist is maintained by the FBI Terrorism Screening Center and contains “the identities of those who are known or reasonably suspected of being involved in terrorist activities.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called out the danger of having people flooding across the border because of Biden’s policies.

Cruz called it a humanitarian and national security disaster. He said we were on pace for 2 million illegal aliens entering this year, if this kept up. When there are 2 million flooding in, it isn’t hard to imagine a lot of people get through who could be very dangerous and who are not caught. It’s a real security nightmare.

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