Pelosi Doubles Down With More Lies About Trump, Migrants and the Virus

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was really on a roll today, spewing out utter nonsense.

Now we realize that’s not an uncommon thing with her. But she hit a new high (or should we say low) today with her foray into unreality.


First, as my colleague Sister Toldjah reported earlier, Pelosi claimed, “We’re on a good path at the border” under the leadership of Joe Biden. Seriously? Is she taking a look at the same border the rest of us are seeing? And the disaster there?

Has she been getting into Hunter’s parmesan cheese?

But Pelosi didn’t stop there.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted Republicans were blaming the spread of COVID on migrants. She also falsely claimed, “The loss of so many lives comes to the fact that one year ago the President of the United States called [the Wuhan coronavirus] a hoax…refused to accept the science and refused to engage in any governance that would help prevent the, uh, spread of it.” She continued, “For them to start blaming it on whoever is coming across the border, and asking for a classified briefing, is really more subterfuge than science.”


Let’s look at the lies here.

First, President Donald Trump never called the Wuhan coronavirus a hoax. This is a constant and continuing lie from the Democrats, from Pelosi to Joe Biden and media never calls them out on it. He said the Democrats lies about his response was the hoax. Pelosi proves that once again, continuing to lie about Trump’s response. If he refused to engage in any governance that would have prevented the spread of it, he wouldn’t have cut travel with China, he wouldn’t have formed the task force or declared a public health emergency, all in January 2020. In March he cut travel with Europe. He encouraged the private/public partnership to get PPE across the country to places that needed it, he was ever at the ready for example to help New York when it was being hit early on, providing ventilators, PPPE, a hospital ship and the army to set up a hospital in the Javits Center to deal with any overflow. That public/private partnership also allowed Trump to produce a vaccine in historic, record time. He then started the vaccination rollout that Biden inherited today.

Second she says Republicans are blaming the spread on migrants coming across the border. I haven’t heard any Republicans blaming virus spread on illegal aliens across the country. But it is true that many illegal aliens who are coming are positive for the virus and that’s just a fact she wants to obscure. Normally, a responsible House Speaker would be concerned about that and concerned that yes, that could spread it to more people. But her first inclination is not the protection of American citizens, her first obligation. Her first inclination was how to attack Republicans and not say anything negative about illegal aliens coming in.


She’s blustering because she doesn’t want to give any classified briefing for lawmakers about the border, she’s trying to minimize how much they know about the disaster now evolving under Joe Biden.


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