Jen Psaki Tries to Evade on Migrants and the Virus, but Peter Doocy Doesn't Let Her Get Away With It

I wrote earlier today about what a horror show it is at the border and for the unaccompanied minors being held at CBP facilities under Joe Biden.

According to an immigration lawyer who got into the Donna facility to talk to the kids, she said they’d been held as long as seven days, some were sleeping on the floor, going hungry, had one shower in a week and hadn’t seen the sun while being held.


Jen Psaki has been doing her best to avoid answering the questions. Because the answers aren’t good. She has two techniques: the circle back which allows her to avoid the question for the moment and the “well, one of our less departments has those answers, why don’t you ask them.”

My colleague Sister Toldjah wrote about this bizarre answer from Psaki when she tried to claim that Fox News reporter Peter Doocy should ask the DHS about whether the illegal entry numbers had tripled, saying “It’s not our program.” It’s not their program? Say what? Somehow she doesn’t think she has the responsibility to answer questions about agencies of the executive branch? Um, the DHS reports to them, allegedly. Imagine if the Trump Administration had said something like that; we’d be hearing about they ‘lack responsibility’ for days on end.

But she did try it again yesterday, once again with Doocy.

First, Doocy said that while they had heard from Psaki and from National Security Council member Roberta Jacobson on this, Joe Biden hadn’t been speaking out on the issue. According to Newsbusters, Psaki bristled at that, asserting that they were “all about the facts” and claiming he’d given an interview to Univision on the border.


Doocy said that, according to the reports that he had, they had 1,700 migrants in Brownsville, and of those people, 204 people were positive That’s an over 9% positivity rate, Doocy said, twice the national average. Those migrants are being released into the border towns without any testing from the government. What is the government doing about that to protect the people of places like Brownsville, Doocy asked. Psaki tried that ‘ask someone else” trick, but he wasn’t going to let her get away with it.

Psaki said, “I’d refer you to CBP for the numbers.” That is where we got the numbers, Doocy replied. Whoops. You can hear her attempt to deflect, all the way down to Brownsville.

If you know that you’re going to get that question, particularly if he’s asked it or similar before why don’t you have that answer? You should have it handy anyway, but especially given the crisis and the pandemic. If you don’t, it’s because you’re just not very competent at this point or simply trying to avoid giving it, because you know how bad confirming the numbers would be.


It sounds like journalism might also be catching on, that it isn’t only Doocy, according to Newsbusters.

They observed that NBC’s Peter Alexander also offered a good question, asking Psaki: “If you want to send the message to migrants that the border is closed, it shouldn’t President Biden be the one who is clearly delivering that message?”

Exactly. So where is that strong message? The message they’re taking away is: “Come now, Biden is there.”


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