Navy's 'Extremism' Training: It's OK to Advocate for BLM at Work If You're Not 'Politically Partisan'

Navy's 'Extremism' Training: It's OK to Advocate for BLM at Work If You're Not 'Politically Partisan'
AP Photo/Noah Berger

We’ve been reporting on how the military, under Joe Biden, is being politicized.

One never could have imagined people in the military attacking Fox host Tucker Carlson from their official accounts, some in uniform, with some of them misrepresenting what he actually said. Even the DOD website itself talking about ‘smiting’ a ‘Fox host.’ That was a troubling insertion into politics. But that was just a warning sign of much more going on.

As we then reported, under Joe Biden, when military members asked why isn’t what happened in Seattle, Portland, and the hundreds of leftist riots extremism, Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Ramón Colón-López explained.

According to Colón-López, they had “very very tough conversations with people because sometimes they’re emotional on the subject” to make sure that “military members understand the difference between Seattle and Washington, D.C.”

“We cannot confuse a First Amendment grievance because of social injustice organization and some of the criminals that latched on to go ahead and loot, destroy and commit other crimes. There’s two clear, distinct groups right there,” Colón-López said, referring to the difference between peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters and looters who disrupted some of those events.

The looting has been used by some television commentators to convince viewers that the protests were equivalent to the Capitol attacks and that message has left a mark on some of the younger forces, Colón-López said. [….]

Sometimes the younger troops take what they see on TV as, “OK so that’s what this means,” Colón-López said. “We have to educate them, no, that’s not what that meant.”

So they just gave a complete pass to BLM for all the damage and the violence over the past several months, suggesting that it’s just disconnected looters who were behind it all. Don’t pay attention to any of the evidence or the facts. Just push a narrative is what you’re seeing here. That’s their extremism training.

But apparently, it goes even further than that. Despite BLM protests being connected to 100s of riots, according to Fox, the U.S. Navy’s extremism training says it’s okay to advocate for BLM while at work because it’s not a “politically partisan” issue. Fox reportedly saw training slides of the ‘lesson.’

The answer given by the Navy called BLM a “public policy issue” and gave the green light for advocating for the organization “as long as the behavior is otherwise lawful and the advocacy is not politically partisan in nature.”

“Advocating for or against a public policy issue (as here) is authorized as long as the behavior is otherwise lawful and the advocacy is not politically partisan in nature (e.g. it doesn’t specifically address a political party),” the slide reads. “If the discussions make you uncomfortable, discuss the matter with your boss or another supervisor.”

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby was asked about it on Monday and he said he couldn’t answer whether talking about BLM would be considered partisan. He described the teaching on ‘extremism’: “It’s not about what God you worship or choose not to worship. It’s about ideology that inspires you or can inspire others to bring harm inside the force.” Well, if you are unable to even answer that, isn’t that a pretty good indication that it is?

Plus, talk about going down a rabbit hole. It’s one of the reasons the military has always forbidden involvement in politics officially or in uniform. Yet, here they are apparently indoctrinating on what is permissible political thought and what isn’t.

It’s a slippery slope, and they’re already on the other side of the slope and slipping fast.

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