Biden, Asked Yesterday About Press Conference, Responded, 'What Press Conference?'

Biden, Asked Yesterday About Press Conference, Responded, 'What Press Conference?'
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Joe Biden is doing his press conference (finally!) today after some 65 days putting it off and not doing one, the longest in 100 years.

Willing to bet that Joe being Joe, he’s going to give us a lot to write about in the presser.

But when he was asked about it yesterday, if he was ready for the press conference, he responded back, “What press conference?”

Now it looked like he might have smirked there at the end, so he may have been joking. The problem of course is that because of all his issues, it’s completely believable he would have said it without joking as well.

Fox’s Peter Doocy confirmed that in fact that’s what Biden said during his remarks on Fox with Bret Baier. Baier asked if he had a good question ready for Biden for the press conference and Doocy said he had a “binder full” but Doocy said that they would “see if they get called on and see where the moment takes us.”

According to reports, he was doing a lot of preparation for the presser, even having a mock session of it earlier this week. Why would you need to prepare for the press conference? You don’t have advance knowledge of the questions (supposedly) so how could you prepare for it? Why would you need a “mock session?” Has anyone else ever done that before?

It’s been quite the evasion over the past 65 days, with Biden’s team doing all they could to rush him away and avoid questions. The latest was even just yesterday when he finished announcing that he was putting Kamala Harris in charge of things at the border. He then turned to his chief of staff Ron Klain and said “Ron, who am I turning this over to?” You can see his eyes go vacant. At which point they then rushed the press out of the room.

America Rising put together a short video of the multiple times that the Biden team has rushed press out of the room and evaded questions. It’s just a few, they certainly didn’t include them all.

So prepare for the spin about the press conference, because likely to be a boatload of it, to deal with the nonsense he’s likely to lay up there today. It should be quite something to see.

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